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May 29, 2014

Rediscovering My Love For Nail Polish

F21 Nail Polish 1

I like getting my nails done but I don’t like getting them done too often because I’m afraid my toes might turn into “old lady toes”. They’re the ones that look like claws because they’ve been filed and trimmed too much. But just to be clear and so as to not offend the old ladies out there, not all old ladies have those kind of toes. I get the occasional cleaning done and a mani-pedi here and there but you won’t see me at the salon every week.

F21 Nail Polish 2

I do like painting my own nails. I remember in high school I would paint my nails a bunch of different colors. At the time I thought it was very cool and now that trend is back. Then I had a french tip phase. I just thought the french tip look was really pretty and girly. This was followed by a nude phase, I liked my nails to be polished but not look like it had polish. Then I stopped painting my nails completely because I love baking and one of the first things they teach you in culinary school is to make sure you have clean hands and fingers, which means no nail polish.

F21 Nail Polish 3

Recently I rediscovered my love for nail polish after scouring through the nail polish selection of Forever 21. I wanted to get my nails done for a wedding I was attending but didn’t have the time to do it so I decided to just do it myself. I also wanted to just get a bottle of nail polish for those days when I go to the salon and can’t find a color I really like.

F21 Nail Polish 4

What I like about their selection is the amount of colors you can choose from―they have glittered and sparkly, neon, pastel, bold primary colors, matte, etc. They have over 80 colors to choose from! I also like how it coats the nail―the polish doesn’t feel so heavy when you spread it unlike some other brands I’ve tried before. And at their prices, you can definitely change up your color as often as you like. I only wish they had more of those nail art pens here so I can experiment more!

F21 Nail Polish 5

Check out the selection at a Forever 21 store near you. You can also give these away as gifts. I’m sure your girl friends would love them!

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