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August 21, 2016

Marry Me At Marriott Continues To Showcase The Best Local Fashion Designers

Unlike other bridal fairs out there, Marry Me At Marriott has triumphantly presented something new every year. Whether it is the designers that they feature, a new facility of the hotel or a new function of the ballroom, there is always something to look forward to at this annual event. They truly do a wonderful job of presenting the hotel’s services and giving you a glimpse of what your big day could be like.

For this year’s event I was most excited about seeing the collections of Cary Santiago and Mark Bumgarner because I had never been to any of their shows. I was, however, slightly disappointed in Cary Santiago’s collection because he only showed 3 gowns and I was so looking forward to seeing his creations. It just seemed anticlimactic after seeing the delightful array of gowns from the other designers’ collections. Nevertheless, the workmanship was impeccable, as one would expect from a Cary Santiago design.
Goldee Luxe, Marry Me at Marriott 4, Cary Santiago, 2016Aug13
Goldee Luxe, Marry Me at Marriott 4, Cary Santiago 2, 2016Aug13
My favorite collection of the night was Mark Bumgarner’s. I thought he showed the most variety in designs & I appreciated the flow of his collection.Goldee Luxe, Marry Me at Marriott 4, Mark Bumgarner 2, 2016Aug13
I liked the modern Audrey Hepburn/Funny Face feel of his designs.Goldee Luxe, Marry Me at Marriott 4, Mark Bumgarner 3, 2016Aug13
And I really liked the design of his finale gown worn by Joey Mead King.

Goldee Luxe, Marry Me at Marriott 4, Joey Mead King in Mark Bumgarner, 2016Aug13
It didn’t even need embellishments. It was like origami on fabric.

Goldee Luxe, Marry Me at Marriott 4, Joey Mead King in Mark Bumgarner 2, 2016Aug13
But my favorite from his collection was the Filipiniana inspired cape dress.

Goldee Luxe, Marry Me at Marriott 4, Mark Bumgarner's filipiniana, 2016Aug13
Francis Libiran’s collection was all about nudes and his signature laser cut designs. I like that the mix of traditional and modern is very evident in his creations.

Goldee Luxe, Marry Me at Marriott 4, Francis Libiran, 2016Aug13
Goldee Luxe, Marry Me at Marriott 4, Francis Libiran 2, 2016Aug13
Ryan Madamba’s collection offered a wider range of bridal wear, which included flower girl and bridesmaid dresses, short dresses and a pantsuit. He also had a piece that combined what looked like sweater material with a tulle skirt.

Goldee Luxe, Marry Me at Marriott 4, Ryan Madamba, 2016Aug13

Whatever kind of bride-to-be you are, one thing is for sure, with the amount of talent we have from local designers, you’ll never run out of options.

Congratulations to the Marriott Manila team for another successful Marry Me At Marriott!

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