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August 25, 2019


The last few months I’ve been binge-watching videos on our various environmental issues— everything from plastic pollution and misconceptions on recycling to fashion waste—and it has made me realize and feel very guilty about my plastic consumption and my wasteful habits. Add to that my growing concern about all the microplastics that I’ve been ingesting by default because of the amount of bottled water I consume. There are currently more microplastics than there are stars in our galaxy. Even if there is no real proof yet that microplastics are harmful to humans, that piece of information kind of overwhelmed me.

Years ago, because of issues with our water dispensers and water providers, our family made the switch from the 5-gallon water containers to 500mL and 1,000mL water bottles. It felt safer to drink and it just made things easier, except for the number of plastic bottles we accumulated. Even when I got married I continued with this practice. Our little household of 2, on average, consumes 70 500ml bottles of water every 2 weeks. A million plastic bottles are bought globally every minute and that number is expected to increase by 20% by 2021—that’s just 2 years away and we were part of the problem, not the solution. After realizing that, I knew, regardless of how much I love the taste of the particular brand of water that we get (yes, there is a difference), we needed to change our ways and our search for a water purifier began.

We knew we wanted a water purifier that would connect straight to our faucet for convenience. We didn’t want to go through the process of having to collect the water from the faucet then having to run it through the purifier. Some brands even require you to run the water through the filter at least 2 times before it can be safe for drinking, which we thought was just too much of a hassle. Other than convenience, we needed to know that the water would really be safe for drinking so we wanted a water purifier with UV technology. UV disinfects water by directly attacking the DNA of micro-organisms and is free of harmful by-products. We checked out the water purifiers that are available at home improvement stores now but we weren’t sold on any of them.

At around the same time we were looking, a friend of mine posted about Ecosphere and how they were very happy with the purchase. Here’s a picture of the difference between their water before and after being filtered through the Ecosphere…

Out of curiosity I looked further into it and I couldn’t stop thinking about it—4 stages of purification, takes out 99.9999% of bacteria and other harmful impurities from tap water, super sleek design (literally, it is the Apple of water purifiers), easy installation and filtration capacity of each cartridge.

The only thing I wasn’t sold on was the price. This was a big spend for us and we needed to justify to ourselves first if the product was really worth the price. After computing how much we spend on bottled water and the amount of water we consume, we realized that, in the long run, we would be saving money with the Ecosphere. We were sold! And, luckily, it was on sale when we bought it and we were able to get a pretty good discount. Now we have safe and clean drinking water with just the touch of a button and doing our small part in reducing plastic consumption and microplastics.

If you would like more information about the Ecosphere or would like to purchase one for your home too, contact Ms. Yang Puzon Reantaso at 0917-8332577. The Ecosphere is 10% off until August 29.



Photos from Goldee Luxe, Live Science, Ecosphere’s Facebook page, and Yang Puzon Reantaso


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