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April 21, 2016

H&M’s World Recycle Week: Give And You Shall Receive

April 18 to 24 is World Recycle Week and in line with H&M’s Global Garment Collection Initiative (check my previous article on how it works) they are encouraging customers to donate their unwanted ​clothes and home textiles to help them reach their goal of collecting 1,000 tons of material for recycling.

Goldee Luxe TT, Global World Recycle Week, 2016Apr7Textile waste has become and continues to be a big problem, with people buying more clothes than they did 2 decades ago. Many of us can’t help but try the latest trends and mindlessly hoard whatever we see on sale. Some of these items we purchase don’t even get worn and, especially here in the Philippines where we can’t return anything, just end up taking space at the back of our closets. For those who are good at purging, the clothes may still make it to the nearest donation box before they can’t be used anymore. However, there are many of us who keep clothes for too long that by the time we see them again they are no longer fit to donate. When that happens, more often than not, people don’t know what to do with it anymore and they just end up in the trash, which end up in landfills. This is the problem H&M is helping address.

Clothes that end up in landfills, other than taking up large amounts of space, have harmful effects on the environment. The dye and chemicals on fabrics can seep in to the soil and contaminate surface and groundwater while decomposing clothing releases methane which contributes to global warming.

The beauty of H&M’s collection initiative is that they accept your donations all year round and in any condition. But if you want to contribute to meeting the goal of collecting 1,000 tons of material for recycling then you have 10 days to go through your closet. Of course, you don’t have to give away everything you don’t use – because fashion trends come and go and you never know when a trend will be a trend again. Just start with the ones you know you can’t and shouldn’t donate – anything with stains, rips, mildew and the like then move on to the ones you know you would never ever wear again.

Happy purging! And please make a promise to yourself that the H&M voucher you get for your donation you will use to buy something that won’t end up in the donation pile again.

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