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Final Call: Walk The Climate Talk

By: Benny Tuazon
On going right now is Climate Walk which cries for climate justice, that is, calling on everyone concerned to respond urgently to the deteriorating ...

Guidelines To Handling Asbestos

By: Benny Tuazon
Recent medical findings reveal that asbestos, a class of naturally occurring minerals, fibrous silicates that have long been known and used for thei ...

A Japanese Weather Report Shows How it Will Be in the Year 2050

By: Benny Tuazon
How will it be in Year 2050? It seems that 2050 will be a benchmark year for most fields and concerns. It is regarded as the end of the oil age and ...

Did You Know That Earth Just Missed A Catastrophic Solar Storm By A Hair’s Breadth?

By: Benny Tuazon
Yesterday, I received an e mail from a friend Columban priest-ecologist and Global Justice Awardee, Fr. Seán McDonagh, SSC. I was stunned by what he ...

Can We Do a ‘Momentum For Change’ Challenge?

By: Benny Tuazon
New York City will be at the center of climate initiatives two weeks from now. From September 22-28, 2014, it will hold its sixth Climate Week NYC. ...

‘Tis the Season of Creation

By: Benny Tuazon
The coming of September means the end of summer for some people in another part of the world. In the Philippines, it marks the coming of the so-call ...

What The Frack Is Going On With All This Fracking?

By: Benny Tuazon
How would you react if one day you wake up and read on the papers, saw on the television news or heard over the radio that the cause of fire of some ...

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