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A Writer’s Coffee Shop

By: Jenny Ortuoste
If I won the lottery, I would open a coffee shop for writers, where writers can caffeinate and dream and write in peaceful, aesthetically pleasing, ...

The Happy Feet Tales: Baby Steps

By: Jenny Ortuoste
Once upon a time, in a big city on one of the big islands of a tropical archipelago close to the equatorial belt where the best coffee in the world ...

Cottage Dreams

By: Jenny Ortuoste
I have built a house, in my dreams. It is small, cozy, intimate, magical, whimsical―a cottage. My cottage has exposed roof beams, shiny wooden stair ...

Where You’ve Been Is Where You Are

By: Jenny Ortuoste
We are always someplace.  That place may be home, which can be an apartment in the city, a cottage in the province, or a corner of the beloved’s hea ...

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