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Shot Session

Featured Photographer for November: Mark Floro

By: Mark Floro
A graduate of Art Center College of Design (Pasadena, California), Mark Floro has been doing advertising/commercial photography for over 30 years. A ...

Go, Shoot And See The World

By: Dave Leprozo
What was the best advice you have received?

Why do you shoot?

By: Mark Floro
What type of equipment do you use to get such great results? Is everything done in a studio, or do you ever do on-location shoots? I use a full fram ...

How To Make The Food Look Good, Not Taste Good

By: Mark Floro
How did your photo career get started? Where did you learn to shoot food so beautifully? THANK YOU for your kind words. I got my formal training in ...

Architecture and Interior Design Photography by Mark

By: Mark Floro
Interior spaces present different photographic challenges that lighting and exposure produces. How can you adjust exposure to capture details withou ...

What is the most challenging thing about traditional photography?

By: Jay Javier
With the extent of your experiences, is there something that you’re still learning? Yes. How to be more critical in looking at photographs. How to d ...

Challenges of Traditional Photography: It must be done right!

By: Jay Javier
Where did you get your first camera? Played with the family camera, which was a ‘half-frame’. My first real camera was a gift from an uncle. He was ...

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