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On Jennifer PART 2

By: Francis Euston Acero
PART 2 of 2 Read PART 1 HERE. Should there be a denial of jurisdiction in this case, another avenue of relief for those that were left behind by Jen ...

On Jennifer

By: Francis Euston Acero
PART 1 of 2 While I do not concur completely in the manner by which some parties have used Jennifer Laude’s death as a political platform to a ...

On Why The Court Didn’t Look At The Issue The Way Raissa Did

By: Francis Euston Acero
In the latest post of Raissa Robles, she laments that some lawyers have had one of three reactions to her earlier post where she argues that the 198 ...

What is Serious Illegal Detention?

By: Rod Vera
In the saga that is the case of the Vhong Navarro kidnapping, the main culprits have been formally charged. Consequently, the top three have been ca ...

Libel and the Public Figure

By: Rod Vera
Since the Supreme Court came out to declare the libel provision in the Anti-Cybercime Law as constitutional, netizens are scrambling to play safe. L ...

How Justice Cuevas Brought Mom Home

By: Francis Euston Acero
I do not know Justice Cuevas personally. I do know he was a good man and that he was fair. That is far more than I can say about most of those who h ...

On Donor’s Taxes, Tax Deductions, and Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan)

By: Francis Euston Acero
One of the most dependable theories in communication is that rumor thrives in the absence of information. Natural disasters like Yolanda create a va ...

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