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Food Under Pressure

Cacao Nib Brownies

By: Louise L. Hagedorn
I usually see people make brownies with nuts, but I don’t always enjoy them. I find them missing that extra chocolate umph. Some people will add cho ...

Bacon and Egg Salad Sandwich Spread

By: Louise L. Hagedorn
Bacon and eggs are a classic breakfast meal. Though Filipinos often have it with rice, sometimes having it with bread is a requirement, especially i ...

The Secret to A Creamier Cheese Pimiento Spread

By: Louise L. Hagedorn
Cheese pimiento sandwiches for merienda throw me back to childhood. There’d be a big bottle of store bought cheese spread in the refrigerator we’d t ...


By: Louise L. Hagedorn
Last weekend I had friends over who had a bad week. They requested that I make them a cocktail to ease their worries while we were waiting for dinne ...

It Tastes Like Cebu Lechon But It’s Liempo!

By: Louise L. Hagedorn
During a birthday party of one of my uncles, my Mom was seated in front of a Cebu lechon. As we got into the car to drive home, she stated, “We can ...

Shepherd’s Pie / S.O.S. (Sh*t on Shingles)

By: Louise L. Hagedorn
I was requested to post this recipe, as one of my friends thought it was already on ManilaSpeak. She was horrified it wasn’t posted yet. I had to se ...
Shepherds Pie Recipe, Louise L. Hagedorn, Food Under Pressure

Mom’s Caviar Pie

By: Louise L. Hagedorn
Caviar Pie was the craze in Manila about a decade ago. I first encountered it when my Mom made her version at home. She had seen it at a clan get-to ...
Caviar Pie, Louise Hagedorn, December, 2014

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