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Elections 2016

Get to Know Your 2016 Senatoriables

By: ManilaSpeak -
All eyes seem to be on the heated presidential race. But as an increasing number of netizens have put it, not everything should be focused on who ou ...

3 Reminders to Make Sure Your Vote Is Counted

By: ManilaSpeak -
1. Shade the circle beside the name of your candidate 2. Make sure to shade FULLY. Do NOT mark with a check or an X or a little dot but SHADE FULLY ...

​What is the Voter’s Receipt?

By: ManilaSpeak -
The Voter’s Receipt has been the subject of much debate in this year’s elections. While the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) had argued ...


By: ManilaSpeak
Roxas is wrong on the MRT issue. According to the private owners, at least. Roxas was asked during the presidential debates last Sunday to respond t ...

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