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The Paradox of Freedom

By: Jon Jaylo
“Someday this will all make sense to us, there are things that we will finally see and understand clearly, but we must remember that answers m ...

Time Lapse: The Songs of Reverie

By: Jon Jaylo
Ladies & Gentlemen allow me to share this time-lapse video of my painting “The Songs of Reverie” from my recent solo show “All ...

The Enigma: Jon Jaylo

By: Jon Jaylo
Jon Jaylo is a surrealist artist currently based in New York City, USA. Also knowns as “The Enigma” inspired by dreamy and puzzling poet ...

Don Papa Art Competition Finalists

By: Manila Speak Board
The Don Papa Art Competition winner was announced at a gathering last February 20, 2016 during the Art Fair Philippines, inviting all artists who ma ...

Passion Improves Your Craft

By: Mark Dean Lim
What is your day job? Night job? (if they are different) I’m a full time illustrator. If you didn’t do what you do, what would you be doing? I ...

Doodling as Art

By: Mark Dean Lim
Mark has taken doodling to the next level. That is, he now shares his doodles with the world through his Color Me Doodle coloring sheets for adults. ...

Don’t be afraid to share your work

By: Mark Dean Lim
What are the tools you use the most? For doodling, I use mostly fountain pens (with F and EF nibs), Zig drawing pens and brushes, Stabilo point 88, ...

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