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The Work of Your Hands is Your Immortality

By: Toni Vasquez
I am an architect. I am very proud of this fact, so much so that it defines who I am. I had wanted to become an architect ever since I could remembe ...

Selecting an Architect

By: Toni Vasquez
Any structure you would need an architect for is understood to be a serious investment. Entrusting someone with millions of your hard-earned money i ...

Superpower Philippines Against Super Typhoon

By: Toni Vasquez
For the last couple of weeks, the Philippines has been trending. The devastation left by Haiyan (Yolanda) triggered an explosion of criticism, specu ...

Force Majeure

By: Toni Vasquez
Force Majeure is a French term for “irresistible power”.  In the Philippines, this is easily applicable to many situations as we are loc ...

The Good Client

By: Toni Vasquez
With your First Architectural Questions (FAQs) answered, and considering I have you convinced, you should be on your quest to finding the right arch ...

The FAQs: First Architectural Questions (in starting a project)

By: Toni Vasquez
Any project, regardless of scale, is a complicated network of decision-making. Since a project can only get more elaborate while moving along this m ...

Architect Barbie

By: Toni Vasquez
A couple of months back, I attended a 3-day international conference on tall buildings and urban habitat in London. Psyched and antsy, I was up at 7 ...

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