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Ma. Helena Reginaldo is a freelance writer from Manila. She finished her Literature degree at the University of Santo Tomas, and is taking up her MFA in Creative Writing at De La Salle University Manila. She was a writer for fiction at the 3rd UST National Writers Workshop.

Her stories, essays and poetry has been published in the Philippines Graphic, and TIBOK: Heartbeat of the Filipino Lesbian.

Lo Que Mi Abuela Me Dijo: What My Grandmother Told Me

By: Ma. Helena Reginaldo
Practical Wisdom from Spanish Proverbs and Sayings

Literature From the Cordilleras’ Premiere City

By: Ma. Helena Reginaldo
There is something about Baguio that gets the creative juices going. According to Dr. Cirilo Bautista in his foreword to “Baguio Calligraphy”, “Bagu ...

Glimpses Into Life

By: Ma. Helena Reginaldo
Summer season usually means hauling out a bunch of books that would make for good summer reading. Some look for stories that are good for a quick re ...

You Can’t Interview God (But You Can Talk to the Ones He Called)

By: Ma. Helena Reginaldo
Church men and women rarely get into the limelight, save for a handful who’ve taken up public causes. Award-winning journalist Ma. Ceres Doyo ...

A Love Story Told Differently

By: Ma. Helena Reginaldo
It is so easy to mistake love for lust, but what happens when the opposite occurs? Such is the peculiar way in which Gerry Alanguilan’s hero, Daniel ...

Retelling Stories via the Grafiction of Siglo: Freedom

By: Ma. Helena Reginaldo
One of the good things about attending the Summer Komikon is that there are plenty of great treats to be easily had from homegrown illustrators and ...

Finding Home with Connecting Flights: Filipinos Write From Elsewhere

By: Ma. Helena Reginaldo
Filipinos have been travelling the world over, whether for business or for pleasure.  But however far away they fly, sail, or drive away, every trip ...

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