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May 4, 2018


On April 28, Slow Food Youth Networks around the world celebrated the reduction of Food Waste or its complete disappearance. In the Philippines, we celebrated at Enderun Colleges. Here’s how the evening went:

There were designated tables for the following:
Food Bank: In this area farmers dropped of their produce—carrots, kale, basil, potatoes, rice and students waited for the guest chefs to get their ingredients for their “disco soup” dish.

Food Stations: Chefs brought out the sampler plates and bowls of their creations: Pumpkin Arroz caldo, Chef Robby Goco’s Seafood Gumbo, Black Chicken wings Tausug style, Chef Jam Melchor’s Turmeric bringhe, Chef Jonas’s Laksa, Dinuguan Dumpling soup of Chef Waya and Chef Tatung, desserts by Chef Jac Laudico, and more.

Then, the disco music started. That’s the formula for a celebration of World Disco Soup Day in the Philippines by the Slow Food Youth Network along with Slow Food Manila members. The Philippines youth network is celebrating it for the second time after last year’s Soup Kitchen in Commune Café in Poblacion. This year, Enderun’s Asst. Dean Bel Castro volunteered her students to assist and make it a fun project whilst teaching the younger ones about food waste and how to avoid it. After all, a third of the world’s food production does go to waste and to prevent that from further happening, consciousness among chefs, cooks and consumers has to happen.

“We’re glad the students got exposed to this,” says Enderun’s Bel Castro. “They, after all will be the next chefs, cooks, and consumers,” she says to a TV interview that we witnessed.


Slow Food Youth Network’s Philippines head Chef Jam Melchor could not agree more. “The youth may as well be part of our network so they can be exposed to global trends in combatting food waste, making food excess a thing of the past, and appreciating ugly but nutritious produce, too,” the young Pampango advocate declares.

Slow Food is a grassroots movement around the world which has a strong following in Manila, Negros, Baguio, and Pangasinan as Slow Food convivial (chapters) for all age groups. All one has to do is go online and pay or make a donation of €10 (PHP620.00) to have a two-year membership.

Every other year (on even years like 2018) there is a big celebration in Turin, Italy where over 100 countries are represented in food booths, displays of endangered heirloom species and taste workshops of just about every cuisine in the world. But one common denominator is the food must be GOOD, CLEAN, and FAIR. This year the dates are Sept 20-24. That’s five days of eating, learning, and travelling the world through a gastronomic experience like no other.

The SF Youth Network is open to all youth 35 years and below, and has no fees charged at all. As you guessed, the Enderun students signed up and Chef Jam now has his hands full—with excited members who can spread the word about the Slow Food principles.


Photos from the Facebook Page of World Disco Soup Day Manila 2018 


(to be continued on May 9, 2018)

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