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March 15, 2019


I recently had a series of trips which required me to cross almost 20 time zones in 24 hours. The only break between two 13 hour flights was a ten hour stop in Manila. After baggage claim which was another hour, and checking in two hours before, my free time was just enough to hear mass, take lunch, and of course, get a treatment at a salon for a refreshed physical look!

This made me think about vitamins and how we can actually get vitamins without spending at all. All it takes is the determination to be still, be quiet and get a lot of sleep.

Yes, that’s right, it just takes will power to shut your eyes and maybe wear a headset or ear plugs. Turn off the noise and if it helps, wear eye shades to cut out light as you fall into a state of rest.

Sleep is elusive. It is hard to get when you are travelling half way around the world, so I managed to do some math. Using the phone apps for time zones—I computed whether it was easier to adjust to the Manila time zone or my next stop which was Paris. I stayed on Manila time and give or take three hours, I was well within work hours and I could actually remotely operate my office jobs.


What did I do?

I kept sleeping and just soaking in the rest that our body really needs a lot of.

How did I do it?

Caffeine and Wine

I managed my caffeine intake, also a bit of alcohol like red wine (no sotch or hard liquor). And I ate a lot of nuts with the glass of wine.


I also filled up on fresh fruits like bananas, glasses of tomato juice (only 30 calories a glass) and every fruit plate offered to me in flight.

No meat

I ate only carbs and no red meat, not even chicken, to give my digestion a rest.

No movies

I did not watch anything in flight. I turned my tv screen off and just closed my eyes.

When I finally landed in Paris, my new friend asked me at about 12 noon of Monday: “When did you arrive?”

“This morning,” I said.

“You look very fresh!,” was her reply.

South East Asian Regional Programme

Well, thank you, madam. That was the idea, to look like you are not harassed, not stressed, and actually feel good for a whole day’s work.

And after four days of meetings, I am on my way back to Manila and will still follow my new formula. Just breathe in, relax, and SLEEP.

Try it. An added feature and benefit is that if you have a lot of sleep, your body does not ask for food. It’s like it has been fed well and you are not even hungry for any kind of food.

Warning: Lack of sleep makes you eat more, so do sleep.

If all of these do not work for you, take Melatonin tablets. Get some sun when you arrive at your place of destination. Also, eat well so you will feel well.



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