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February 12, 2017


Fashion models and reality stars are definitely THE trendsetters in today’s world. However, just because they can pull a trend off doesn’t mean WE regular people can. One of the most horrendous trends for this year is the CLEAR SHOE aka the NAKED SHOE.
Kim Kardashian is credited for popularizing the look (especially the one’s from Kanye’s Yeezy collection) and has been sporting the trend since last year.

​Kim’s boots are priced at about $500 USD or about P25,000 more or less.
Just last month people couldn’t get enough of Kendall Jenner’s new take on the naked boot trend. The model of the moment paired hers with mesh tights on more than one occasion.

Her bestie, Gigi Hadid, has also been pushing the trend.

Let’s get real here, people. The only way to truly rock this trend is if you have perfect or at least amazing looking feet and great looking legs. You can’t pull this off if your toe nails aren’t done and definitely not if you have calluses, bunions or any other kind of foot problem.

The only people who would truly benefit from this trend are those with some kind of feet fetish. Given our country’s climate I know I’m probably not going to see anyone trying to get away with this look anytime soon – but the rainy season is not too far away and there are always people who are ever so willing to be fashion victims. If you’re one of them, stop yourself and please just don’t do it.

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