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January 30, 2015

Some Announcements from Tanghalang Pilipino

1) This coming Summer 2015 (April-May), in addition to the regular Summer classes on Children’s Theater I and II, Musical Theater for Teens, Production Management and Stage Management, Tanghalang Pilipino (TP) is opening a special class called Actors Company Technique. This class will be conducted by a team of facilitators composed of some of the current senior members of TP’s Actors Company, notably, Jonathan “Tad” Tadioan, Regina de Vera, Marco Viana and Nicolo Magno, together with some TP/AC alumni.

The syllabus that will be used in this class will be a composite of the performance and acting techniques culled from the 29 years of classroom work of the Actors Company (AC) under the best teachers in acting, movement, voice, script analysis, and which have helped the AC deliver credible and creditable performances onstage.

Only 20 enrollees will be accommodated in this class.

2) For our 29th Theater Season opening production on July, 2015, Mandirigma (a Filipino musical on Apolinario Mabini by Nicanor Tiongson, direction by Chris Millado, music by Jed Balsamo, choreography by Denisa Reyes), we will conduct auditions for the actors-singers-dancers. We will especially look for a physically challenged actor who will play the role of the older Mabini, a wheelchair bound man with an indomitable human spirit, a spotless integrity and dignity, and an impassioned love of his country. We will soon make a detailed announcement on the auditions.

3) For our second production on August, 2015, Buhay na Apoy, written and to be directed by multi-awarded filmmaker Kanakan Balintagos (Auraeus Solito). Irma Adlawan-Marasigan, a theater icon and an exceptionally gifted theater, TV, and film actor, has accepted the lead character. She will be Leda, a woman torn between her acquired sense of modernism and her deep love for the cultural heritage of her ancestors. Cast of the play will be finalized when playwright-director Kanakan comes back from his sentimental journey to his birthplace in South Palawan.

Fernando Josef, TP Announcements, 29th season plays, January 16

4) Our third production on September, 2015 is Pangarap sa Isang Gabi ng Gitnang Tag-araw, a contemporary version of Rolando Tinio’s translation of Shakespeare’s “Midsummer Nights Dream”. This will be an all-Actors Company production featuring Jonathan Tadioan, Regina de Vera, Marco Viana, Nicolo Magno, Doray Dayao, Toni Go, JV Ibesate, Lhorvie Nuevo, Raquel Pareno, and Aldo Vencilao. This will be co-directed by Der Kaufmann team Rody Vera and Tuxqs Rutaquio.

5) In November-December 2015, TP will bring Layeta Bucoy’s Prinsipe Munti (based on Antoine Saint Exupery’s Little Prince) on tour of schools and communities. This play was directed by Tuxqs Rutaquio, with Toni Munoz as composer, and John Batalla as lighting designer last December 2014.

6) For our last production for the 29th Season, scheduled in February, 2016, we are producing the much awaited staged version of Carlo Vergara’s Book II, Zsazsa Zaturnah Ze Zequel, featuring the iconic, inimitable, Eula Valdes, under the direction of Chris Millado. Following the very popular comics story of Carlo Vergara, the play, now set in Metropolitan Manila, will feature some of the original characters in Zsazsa I, but will introduce new human beings (good and bad) and new superhuman characters (also good and bad). Watch out for the auditions for actors-dancers-singers who will essay the most colorful characters in the magical play.

For inquiries on tickets or subscriptions, please call Sheenly Gener at 8321125 local 1620 or 1621 or 09052544930 or 09218204155. You may also email me at

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