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December 14, 2013


My dress is all tattered:
Fierce winds whipped and ripped it.
My skin is marred deeply and bleeding
From the impact of fallen debris,
My very bones ache
From the whiplash of being
Thrown against rock
Or into the churning sea
Or against the timbers
Of flying trees.

I look a mess, I know,
And I feel even worse:
I see streets lined
With the dead splayed
Beneath tarpaulins and mud.
So many of my children
Lie unburied for so many more
Are hurt yet still living,
Are sundered from their families,
Lost among the hungry throng
Seeking shelter where there is none.

My face is shattered:
The tears that won’t stop
Cascading like tsunami
Down to my battered, torn heart.
You have seen my beauty
And my elegance, the gentle sway
Of my body in the calm sea
And over the soft, green hills.

Now that I have been wrecked,
You will see my strength
As I gather my dead,
As I tend my wounded,
As I rebuild the broken house
With strong walls and open doors.

You will see resilience
When the beauty is stripped away
And you will know how strong
My children are, and how well
I have loved them and love them still.


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