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June 14, 2019


I would wake up sweating because he had turned off the air conditioning. And we did not complain. What he was teaching us was: to wake up early, be punctual, and yes I guess, to save electricity. All rolled into one, a simple act of turning off the air conditioner would accomplish so much. That’s Dad.

I learned how to travel, check in my bags, get a boarding pass, at a young age. He would study a book called “Europe on $10 a day” and we would tear up the sheets of which cities we chose as the book was two inches thick and too heavy to lug around Europe. There having no internet and Google when we first went to London, we trusted Arthur Frommer and his famous travel guide to the Continent. That’s Dad.

I learned how to eat Sashimi, Steak Tartare, and even Burong Dalag because he was a gourmand. Because his work made him travel (as I do now), he got to learn about different cuisines and would let me try something I never tried before and appreciate different flavors and textures (he fed us locusts, too, something which is becoming a protein substitute these days). That’s Dad.

Scotch? Cointreau? I made him a scotch on the rocks every night as we brought his slippers when he came home. He would relax and watch the evening news while waiting for dinner. When I put some water in his Cointreau, he corrected me and said, it did not need any. He taught me about different whiskeys, brandy and he was my first Beverage Management class teacher. That’s Dad.

Coffee? Don’t’ get me started. He would brew coffee every day and that smell of coffee woke me up and made me smile. That means breakfast with Dad is ready. Fresh eggs from our small chicken coop, fried rice and fish, brewed coffee, papaya, and orange juice. Oh my! That’s my favorite meal of the day…to this day. Thanks, Dad.

He has been gone a long time now but I see him and his habits among my brothers and guess who else? My nephews! The third generation has picked up Dad’s good habits and practices. I just remembered this when Elias, Raffy’s eldest, said: “Dad turns off the aircon so we wake up!” My Dad’s memory flashed before my eyes. Thanks, Dad.

This Father’s Day, we remember those who have left and we honor those who are still around, making sure their kids are raised well and making sure their kids become models of society and the best persons they can be.

Happy Father’s Day!

I wish he could have seen ECHOstore. He would be my best shopper. We have his favorites: coffee, fish, rice, and chocolates. We also have his favorite grooming supplies: Gugo shampoo, and every kind of hair product you can think of. What’re your Dad’s favorites?



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