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August 12, 2016

Rainy Days During Bazaar Days

This is the worst time to have a bazaar. I can’t argue with that. People don’t want to go through the traffic. The only thing they want to do is to stay dry and go home, specially with the 2-hour traffic. Rainy day weekends aren’t even a guarantee. Buyers would rather stay at home rather than brave the floods for a sale.

Unless. Your bazaar is just next door or a block away. Somewhere they can pass by before going home and waiting the traffic out. But that means these aren’t “real” buyers. They’re just looking for something different or a bargain. If not – a nice warm meal.

Outdoor bazaars do sound nice but are risky specially during the rainy season. This grassy field turns into a muddy mess after an hour of steady rainfall.

Outdoor bazaars do sound nice but are risky specially during the rainy season. This grassy field turns into a muddy mess after an hour of steady rainfall.

Unless you’re selling food then you might just have enough to break-even for the day.

Yes, nobody can predict the weather. But one can prepare before hand.

Things to do before the bazaar:

  1. Visit the place. Scout the area. Will you be under the sun and subject to the elements? Is there enough ventilation? Will they provide sockets for you to plug a fan and lights on?
  2. Prepare for the worst. If you are having a bazaar on a typhoon-weekend, expect floods. Make sure you have the organizer’s info so you can monitor the news in case they will cancel and reschedule. If you are having an outdoor bazaar, bring rain boots and yards of tarp to protect your stocks and possibly have a non-slippery floor to move around on.
  3. If you’re selling food, find a way to keep your food warm. Nothing attracts buyers more than the scent of a warm soup or meal during a rainy evening.
  4. Be heard on social media. Yes, go announce a one-time-rainy-day sale. Make sure it is real – nothing turns off buyers than a regular discount being masked as a special one. Give them “rainy day treats” for just going.

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