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March 21, 2015

Our Youngest Writer

Our featured young writer of this week is our youngest writer that joined our writing class. She wrote her story when she was 5 years. I am amazed by her imagination.

Now, 6 years old, she describes herself as an “aspiring writer, artist and inventor. She always dreamed of having fairy wings and a magic wand, so she created Magic Land with a little village called Natureville, where she puts all her Nature Worker friends.”

The Cupcake Booth

(an excerpt from her short story)

by Mona, 6 years old

It was National Booth Day in Natureville. Everyone was so excited! The Nature Workers came down from their tree house and went to the palace. They told everyone that they were going to make booths to sell all kinds of candies and sweet treats.

“Ooh! Let’s sell some tasty treats!!!” everyone shouted excitedly.

They all had different booths. Princess Red Violet Rosie was selling tarts at her booth and Red Violet Tulip was helping her. Queen Yellow Daffodil put up a booth right beside them. Her booth sold chocolate cakes. Pinkie Rosie’s booth was next to the queen’s.

“Wait!” Semi-Sweet said. “I don’t think I want a cake booth. I want a cupcake booth. Maybe…a strawberry cupcake booth with chocolate icing, sprinkles and a cherry? Oh, yes, a heart-shaped cherry! Perfect.”

Semi-Sweet went to her garden to find a nice place to put up her booth.  She saw a shady spot where there were lots of roses. She picked some roses to decorate her booth and picked a spot among the roses to put up her booth.

Semi-Sweet then waited for customers. “Hmmm…maybe no one knows there’s a booth in my house. Maybe I should go for a walk and let them know.”

cupcakeSemi-Sweet went out the fence and brought her pet rabbit Hoppy to tell everyone about her.

“Hoppy, remember…promise me you won’t eat the cupcakes, I’m selling them to my friends,” she told her pet.

Semi-sweet saw a shady spot near a flower tree that also had strawberries. “Oh, my! This looks like a better place to put up a booth, and it’s quite near my house. This way, I can run between my house and the booth anytime.”

Everyone else’s booths were at the other side of the tree.

It was time for berry picking to add more ingredients for their cupcakes. Princess Red Violet Rosie walked to her palace all the way on the other side of the flower tree to go berry picking.

She saw Semi-Sweet at the other side of the tree. “Semi-Sweet! What are you doing there? Are you selling something or did you just put up a photo booth so everyone will pay for photos?”

“This is my cupcake booth!” Semi-Sweet said proudly. “Happy booth day!”

“Okay, I want a strawberry cupcake with chocolate icing and a cherry on top. A heart-shaped cherry on top!” Princess Red Violet Rosie said.

“And here’s the recipe so you can make it whenever your want.” Semi-Sweet handed her the tasty treat. “Here’s your cupcake! Happy booth day!!!”

Both then headed off to go berry picking.

Shortly after, Pinkie Rosie passed by Semi-Sweet’s booth where all the cupcakes were left unguarded.

“Cupcakes! Oh, these probably belong to someone. But I guess I can eat them all–just in case they’re waiting for me!” Pinkie Rosie exclaimed.

Meanwhile, Semi-Sweet checked her bag and realized she left her cupcakes. She rushed back to her booth.

“Shhh!!!” Pinkie Rosie whispered to herself. “Someone’s coming! I’d better hide!”  She ducked behind the booth.

When Semi-Sweet arrived, she saw nobody was there and all the cupcakes were already half-eaten! They were lying on plates and the wrappers were in the garbage can.

“Oh, cupcakes!” Semi-sweet exclaimed. “This is a disaster! I’d better run to the palace and tell the princess.”

When she arrived at the palace, she ran all the way to the upstairs bedrooms and charged into the balcony to find Princess Red Violet Rosie.

She looked left and right, and finally saw Princess Red Violet Rosie looking at the magical tree with Red Violet Tulip. They turned around.

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