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October 26, 2017


The St. James the Great Bazaar is the most awaited bazaar by most shopaholics in the south, where products from artisans, manufacturers, traders, importers, and even exporters are placed on display. After 26 years of being touted as the biggest bazaar of the south, there will be no St. James the Great Bazaar this year.

The organizers represented by Mimi and Nikki Valerio, sent emails to its concessionaires last October stating that the previous Ayala Alabang Village Association (AAVA) Board decided to discontinue the annual, 4-day bazaar, at least for this year.

“There will be no St. James the Great Bazaar this year. It was a decision made by the previous AAVA Board. The rumor that there will be a bazaar this year is not true. We do not know the motive of this rumor and the identity of these people spreading “Fake News”. We will advise all parties concerned for next year’s bazaar.”

However, an Ayala Alabang resident commented on this issue on the Alabang online bulletin: “This paints the residents of Ayala Alabang Village badly. The truth of the matter is, with over 500 vendors 4 days a week, the privacy, cleanliness, and security of the village isn’t able to keep up. The field which is meant to be used for community sports activities gets destroyed. The area smells like pee because there are only 2 restrooms available and it’s being used as fitting rooms. The stalls are so close to each other it crowds people and is a fire hazard. There are too many cars and trucks causing traffic for blocks inside the village. Please understand, the village was built for the use of the residents not as a commercial space.

An organizer who thinks ahead should have checked out other venues months ago. ZONTA organizers did it, why didn’t they? The one who prevented Saint James Bazaar from being held this year weren’t the residents of AAV but the organizers themselves.”

Until this issue is resolved between the AAVA board and the bazaar organizer themselves, discriminating shoppers can try these other bazaars:

Christmas Carnivale Bazaar
by Zonta Club of Alabang
Nov 25 – 26, 2017
Filinvest Tent Alabang

International Bazaar 2017
by The International Bazaar Foundation, Inc
Nov 26, 2016
Philippine International Convention Center

World Bazaar Festival 2017
by Worldbex Services International
Dec 3 – 22, 2017
World Trade Center

American Women’s Club Bazaar
by the American Women’s Club
Dec 6, 2017
SMX Convention Center, MOA Complex

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