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March 9, 2018


I remember bringing him his slippers and a glass with  his favorite scotch on the rocks when he came home from work. As he unwinds, we watch the nightly news or prepare to have dinner.

Those are the memories I have of my Dad, and probably why I love watching news and drinking scotch, in that order. Seriously, what you do everyday becomes a habit and habits become your lifestyle.

In the early morning, before breakfast, I could smell the coffee brewing. As he waits for the right time to drink his coffee in his favorite green mug, he takes some orange juice to wake up the tummy. Every morning that he’s home (he traveled a lot for business), that’s the sight and sounds—coffee and orange juice.And that is how I am today—decades later I find myself up early with my morning starter—a cup of freshly-brewed coffee. I skip the orange juice and opt for fresh papaya instead. And my super new favorite unsweetened peanut butter slathered on thick substantial brown bread.

More than what we drink or eat, we take a lot of our parents’ habits way into our adulthood.

His rules:

  • Be punctual. Never ever be late.
  • Be active. He did not like us to be idle.
  • Be honest. NO one could lie for fear of being punished.
  • Dress up for meals and for church.
  • Be frugal. Never be wasteful

And that is how fathers and daughters become best friends. Follow the rules. Know when to speak up. And be original (that’s kind of hard when you emulate them—how do you become original?)

This month, we are bringing you three sets of fathers and daughters in a forum for celebration of Women’s Month. It will happen at the Fairmont Hotel on March 22 and topbills famous fathers: Josiah Go, Francis Kong, and Businessman Bert Lina with their daughters Tricia Gosingtian, Rachel Kong and Sheila and Donna Lina.

Womenbizph President Chiqui Go will be watching as her better half and her favorite daughter ham it up or share their secrets of  success as a team. And who has not heard Francis Kong? I am intrigued how his daughter will reveal his secrets or their secrets to a beautiful parent-child relationship. And Bert Lina? He’s so proud of his two daughters he defers to them for anything millennial in taste or specialty.

I wonder if they got their father’s habits like I got my Dad’s. I wonder if they also got the habit of drinking coffee, tea, or scotch!

My lessons from Dad went beyond coffee. He taught me how to compute mentally (no writing on papers), he taught me how to eat “sashimi” and Steak Tartare for the first time, and he taught me how to pack a suitcase with a color theme so you bring less clothes on a trip.

And he encouraged us to read a lot. He always had a copy of Newsweek and finished it in a few hours. He watched a lot of news and once in a while bought business magazines like Fortune (it probably was expensive at the time). And he made sure we had a lot of reading materials at home. All that before the age of the Internet of course.

What we are is partly because of what he taught us and what he impressed on us.

That’s why it’s important to know what other parents teach their children, so we can compare how we raise our children or to take tips from successful fathers on how they raised such fantastic daughters.

Come and listen on March 22. Register and call to reserve a seat or two. Bring your son or daughter. For the kids, bring your parents. It will be an interesting afternoon.


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