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November 20, 2016


This is a continuation of last week’s list of must-haves when we spend quality time with our furkids, either to play with them or to train them to be better furkids. I am fortunate enough to have met these two wonderful furmoms who are both lawyers by profession and who, despite their hectic schedules, are the most dedicated furmoms! I met both of them when Chowee and I became active with dog agility and other activities organized or supported by our furkids’ school, BetterDog.

Jennie Cerrada is more often known as Hunter’s mom. I learned so much about the best products available for our furkids from her. Check out @huntersdoghouse on Instagram and Facebook which now serves as a memorial to her beloved Hunter. He passed away a couple of months ago. This same page now features India, a 1-year-old female black American Cocker Spaniel that Jennie got a year ago.  Here is Jennie’s list of must-haves for training India:

India with her training and playtime gadgets. (Thank you, Jennie, for this wonderful photo and detailed description of the items in the photo.)

India with her training and playtime gadgets. (Thank you, Jennie, for this wonderful photo and detailed description of the items in the photo.)

      1. EzyDog Track N’ Train
        Before you can build off-leash reliability outdoors, you need to keep your dog secure with a long line to prevent him from self-rewarding by running off. The Track N’ Train is 5m long and features a rubberized grip to prevent rope burns.
      2. Toys, toys, and more toys
        We also use toys in training. My favorites are the Go Dog brand of toys since they’re extra durable despite their plush appearance. They’ve survived India’s gigil fits.
      3. Treats
        India is not very enthusiastic about commercial treats but she loves these “Look Who’s Happy Now” jerky treats. It contains natural ingredients and no corn, wheat, or soy.
      4. EzyDog Snak Pak
        We use food rewards when training so we rely on our treat pouch to keep our treats away from nosey dogs. The Snak Pak features a magnetic closure so treats won’t accidentally fall out. The lining is easy to clean and the belt is easily adjustable. It features a small zippered pocket for your money or keys or small items.
      5. Starmark Clicker (attached to the Snak Pak)
        Nothing beats the clicker for giving precise feedback to your dog. We love the raised button on the Starmark clicker because our thumbs are constantly getting caught on traditional box clickers.

This is India doing her version of pen-apple-pineapple pen! I think her version is much cuter than the original! Kudos to Jennie for this perfect video!


With Training and Playtime done, let us move on to Beauty and Wellness next week.

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  • Pia says November 21, 2016 at 6:27 pm

    This is cool India! You are really following your kuya Hunter’s steps – become a star as well! Great choice of training accessories Atty. Jennie Cerrada. ❤️?❤️



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