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April 12, 2019


I have recently boiled guyabano leaves and started to drink it after my morning coffee. It’s more like a self-experiment. I am checking how it will affect my blood pressure readings. After a week, I have successfully lowered my blood pressure a few notches down, but still with my anti-hypertensive drug, which I will ask my doctor to reduce and soon eliminate.

Another friend started a mango leaves drink. She claims it has improved her kidney and liver functions or at least she feels like it has cleansed her system.

Mango leaves

What is it about leaves, cocktails, tisanes, and teas? We started to sell guyabano, pandan, lemongrass, and other tisanes many years ago but since I was into coffee, I admittedly never drank it regularly, until this week—and it tastes so good!

Papaya leaves extract

It never hurt anyone to take a little extra supplement as they call these “extra” drinks. So I have started it and when I travel I will just take along our teabags which are so convenient to take along.

If we read about the benefits of tisanes or concoctions made with leaves, barks and other plants like ginger, turmeric and such, we can see how our forefathers and mothers healed themselves.

The tisanes are pleasant to the taste and will not keep you up as they contain no caffeine (unless we boil coffee leaves!).

If you find it inconvenient, try the ECHOstore Honest herbs line. We have guyabano, turmeric, pandan, and lemongrass, among others which have been around for a while like banaba, lagundi, and malunggay or try a sampler pack.

Otherwise, on a long weekend, trek to a farm in Cavite and pick your leaves of choice: mango, guyabano, and the latest cleanser—papaya! Yes, not the fruit, but the leaves. You will be surprised at the results you will feel and see.

So, eat it or drink it. Any which way, leaves of trees are just as good for the health as their fruits. Leaves are also always in season.


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