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December 21, 2013


kitchen2The pot simmers and bubbles of prayer

Rise up to touch angels’ ears

As she stirs in handfuls of split peas

Golden as hope, glistening amid the soft roil.


Simple food.

Simple faith.

Simple things.

These mundane things

Are the stuff of miracles.


Outside, the world is a filigree

Of complex ideas and idioms,

Rules and exceptions.

In her warm kitchen,

There is no such chaos.


There is only the alchemy

Of fire and water,

Metal and glass,

And a medley of succulent berries,

Goodly seeds, young shoots and ripe fruit

That spring from rich, dark earth.


Her kitchen opens to a journey back

To a time of simple joys

And healing wonder

Obvious to all who want to see.


Miracles, you see,

Are simple at the very core.

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