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May 17, 2017


Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC), a consistent segment leader specially for its light-duty N-Series trucks which held the No. 1 position for 17 consecutive years. bared its core values of dependability, durability and reliability during its recent exhibition last month of its latest truck line-up at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City.

Parallel to the growth of the economy was a significant increase in demand in the past two years for the trucks and buses segment. With this demand by entrepreneurs and SMEs, IPC’s medium and heavy-duty trucks sales increased by around 13% in 2016.

“The key to our success is not on the sale of our trucks, it’s on the full service that comes with every purchase. With every truck purchase, we provide product orientations, driver’s training and even a professional analysis on fuel consumption and actual vehicle operation” said IPC President Hajime Koso. “A truck is probably one of the most valued investments for a company, which is why aside from providing quality products, Isuzu guarantees availability of parts and reliable service,” he added.

IPC President Hajime Koso (second from right) with Isuzu officials and guests

Leading the 12-truck display line-up were Isuzu NHR with flexi truck 10 x 10 body and FVM with Fruehaf wing van, which are the latest addition to the wide array of body applications that can be done on Isuzu trucks. These applications are specially built by IPC’s trusted body builders Kyoei Kogyo Philippines Corp. (KPC) and Centro Manufacturing Corporation.

Completing the light-duty truck line-up were the Isuzu NHR with iVAN body option, NHR jeepney prototype, NPR dropside, NPR aluminum van, and NQR Garbage Compactor. For the medium to heavy-duty segment, IPC displayed the FVM with crane, CYZ51 dump truck and EXZ51 tractor head.

IPC also displayed its leading light-commercial vehicles, and crowd favorite Isuzu mu-X Black Series and Isuzu D-MAX X-Series.

Different body builders like Centro, Almazora, KPC, Multilift, Transbilt, Versatemp, Red Dragon, CoolAire and JVF Commercial were also on-site to immediately discuss purchase requirements upon picking the right truck for the business.

As an additional treat, all registered customers during the show are entitled to receive free dashboard camera and P10,000 worth of fuel card for every closed transaction until June 30, 2017.

“For Isuzu, there is nothing more valuable that the trust that we get from our customers. It is for this reason, that we continue to provide excellent products and service that best suits the demands of the market,” Koso proudly added.



Photos by Bess Zamora


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