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October 11, 2017


Two decades ago, the journey of Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC) in the Philippine market was defined by its mantra ‘Milestones of Trust’.

IPC provided products and services that were based on the tag ‘The Responsible Partner’ to its customers. Trust was built on that. IPC became the ‘Responsible Partner’ of the businessman, the professional, and the adventurer.

Isuzu trucks and vehicles have been the wheels of commerce that boost the economy by moving various industries like construction, manufacturing, and transport. IPC proudly announced that for 17 consecutive years the Isuzu N-Series was the No. 1 light-duty truck in the country.

Koso expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the Philippines and its partners who helped them grow towards their current business standing: “This country has become our second home and gave us the wings to soar higher than what we were 20 years back. We are looking forward to 20 years and more. To our loyal partners, may you continue to put your trust on us and we promise that we will be finding more ways to meet your expectations.”

During its 20th Anniversary celebration, IPC executives led by President Hajime Koso, together with Isuzu Motors Ltd. Japan, President and CEO Masanori Katayama; Mitsubishi Corporation Japan Executive Vice President and Group CEO Machinery Kazushi Okawa (who all flew in from abroad for the event), MMDA General Manager and concurrent Usec. of Dept. of Transportation Thomas Orbos;  Minister, Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of Japan Manila Takehiro Kano; along with dignitaries and members of the Philippine motoring media, unveiled their latest offering called “Blue Power Technology.”

It is an eco-friendly diesel engine designed to promote green technology in an era where technology needs to benefit nature.

IPC Executive Vice President Shojiro Sakoda explains the Isuzu Blue Power Engine

The Blue Power Technology will be present on all vehicles in the Isuzu lineup to provide maximum engine output, cleaner emissions, superb fuel economy, as well as engine durability.

The 4JJ1-TCX engine found on the D-MAX and mu-X will provide 177 PS and a maximum torque of 380 Nm. The engine is also designed to comply with EURO 4 standards.

The new facelifted mu-X model, is now mated to a six-speed transmission, for both manual and automatic variants. The mu-X comes with Auto-Headlight Leveling, Hill Descent Control and 8-inch screen entertainment system with USB link and text-to-speech navigation.

Koso with Isuzu officials and guests

The latest D-MAX offering now comes with Hill Start Assist and Hill Descent Control. It is also fitted with multiple USB ports to provide the need for continuous use of the passengers’ mobile gadgets.

Undergoing a full-model change is the All-New Isuzu N-Series light-duty trucks with a fresh face and also the Blue Power EURO 4 engines, namely: the 4JH1-TC (NLR77 model), 4JJ1-TC (NLR85, NMR85 & NPR85 models) and 4HK1-TCN (NQR75 model).

Their  medium-duty truck lineup, F-Series, also sports the new Blue Power Technology. The 4HK1-TC (FRR); 6HK1-TCN (FSR and FVR) and the 6HK1-TCS (FVM) engines give these trucks more power and efficiency while complying with stringent EURO IV standards.

Koso with Isuzu officials and employees

Their C & E Series line-up has made the monumental leap towards cleaner emissions: the 6WG1-TGR is now EURO compliant, with engine that has higher torque at low speed area due to the modified turbocharger and increasing engine displacement.

Koso said they are confident that the new modifications to their full lineup will further affect sales positively across the board and hit it big in the local automotive industry. “We are hoping yet we are confident that the Philippines will continue to patronize the brand with these substantial changes that we have introduced,” Koso noted.



Photos by Bess Zamora


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