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May 31, 2014

Is It the Guy’s Responsibility To Worry About Birth Control?

Editor’s Note: This is a no-holds-barred relationship column in Q and A format. Not for the prude or faint of heart. Rated R!


We haven’t done it yet. Partially because I’m scared of getting pregnant and partially because I know it hurts. I have monthly cramps so if it hurts that bad on my first time, I don’t think it will be enjoyable for me.

Nevertheless, do guys expect the girl to bring up birth control or should they do it?



bcHave you been living under a rock? How long have you been going out with this guy? Do you have plans of being together and having kids in the future? If not, hold on to your virginity, girl! Giving your virginity to someone who isn’t ready to have a future with you is so not worth it. I know it sounds old school, but trust me, save yourself for the right one.

As for monthly cramps, there are painkillers for that. Also, and most importantly, your monthly cramps has nothing to do with the pain during your first time. It’ll be uncomfortable the first few times but if your partner knows how to take care of your needs and pleasure you each and every time you do it, sex can be an amazing experience.



Not that I would know anything about dysmenorrhea, but I’m pretty sure it’s a totally different type of pain or discomfort. How long have you been going out with this person, btw? Have you guys talked about it at all? If it doesn’t feel right, then you should totally wait till you do it. If he’s pressuring you into doing it and he’s not willing to wait, then he’s not worth it for your first time. Of course, safety is a must!

It doesn’t matter who brings it up, the important thing is you’re practicing safe sex.

Regarding your first time if you decide to do it, yes, it will be painful. You might even bleed and probably have a hard time walking afterwards. Will it be enjoyable? ABSOFREAKINGLUTELY! Haha! It’s just like Pringles..once you pop, you can’t stop.

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