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May 11, 2017


I met one of the most inspiring people ever during our launch of ECHOstore Cagayan de Oro City. She went on a self-imposed weight loss program and lost a whopping 150 pounds in just 6 months! What is interesting is how she did it—through food and will power.

There’s a lot of knowledge about what food does to the body. Besides nutrition, some food actually help you detox, it help you eat less sugar or fat. But the important thing is KNOWING what you put in your mouth.

Her name is Skye. Her old friends and relatives knew her as Angie, the fat relative. Well, you must see her now. Her 5’8″ statuesque figure just weighing in at 160 lbs. is almost half her size for the past 40 years.

The secret is natural food and water. She disciplined herself to even consuming only 700 calories a day. That surely sped up the first phase or the jumpstart phase of her Skye Diet program. So, knowing caloric content helps a lot. For example, not very many people know that a cup of rice has 200 calories, a teaspoon of sugar has 15 calories, and a can of soda has anywhere from 100-200 calories per serving.

Why is that important? Our body only needs 15 calories per pound for weight maintenance. So, at 150 lbs, I should be eating only 2250 calories a day. If I want to lose 10 pounds, I need to give up 3,500 calories per pound. That’s 35,000 calories I can choose to give up in one week, one month, or 6 months. That’s the math part.

What did Skye do? Another secret is having people you love cooperate and join you. She and her brother and her only son joined the program. They all showed the same wonderful results. Her son lost 70 lbs. while her brother lost 80 lbs. All of them feel healthier and happier. It’s not just because they look good and feel good but because they no longer suffer bullying and bad comments which really hurt their self-esteem.

“I was bullied all my life,” Skye confides in me. “It was even more difficult growing up in a barrio,” she continues. “No one is obese here and every girl who is fat is doomed never to have friends, much less a boyfriend or even get married,” she says with some sadness. But rather than just taking all that bullying, she came back with a vengeance and lost half of her weight successfully.

Today she is busy reviewing for the bar while she works part time as a freelance paralegal. She also busies herself posting in her very active Instagram account which has gained followers from around the world. People are inspired by her success and I was inspired just getting to know her. You can follow her Instagram account

“I write for the fun of it,” she declares. Her writing truly is a chronicle of her journey from 315 pounds to her now stable 165-pound weight. She writes to share her latest discoveries of healthy food places, healthy recipes, and photos upon photos of her family and herself from her younger years to the present.

As obesity rates increase in our country, it is nice to know some people like Skye and her brood are fighting back to eradicate this ugly disease. It’s a disease that needs medical attention and society’s action to bring its levels to a decline through the promotion of healthy lifestyles.

We may not even need TV shows like “The biggest loser” (where watching them in boot camps can leave a viewer breathless) or watch people in the gym sweat it out after half an hour on a treadmill to burn 150 calories (that’s not even enough to burn that cup of rice at lunch). All we need is to eat well and eat right.

That’s what Skye did—and that thought alone is enough to start you on your weight loss journey. If it worked for her, it should work for all of us, whether we just want to lose 10 or 100.

Follow Skye on Instagram. It may change your life or a loved one’s.




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