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May 17, 2019


I love pasta, bread, and everything you put in it or on it. But for now, I may have to go easy on these wheat products. My doctor believes that today’s wheat products are not like how they were before. It must be the GMO, the hybrids, the adulteration these products have undergone.

I thought people just chose gluten-free because they have Celiac disease which cannot tolerate any gluten at all. My chiropractor says it may be causing the inflammation in my spine which causes my backaches, joint aches, and arthritis.

So, after a whole month of not having rice (due to extra weight I put on after two whirlwind transcontinental trips in two weeks), I am not yet back to my desired weight and my back hurts. I went to a recommended chiropractor and got myself started on a treatment for my spine.

A herbalist friend told me there are only two things you need to watch: SPINE and GUT health. My gut seems okay now because I have been including pickles, macrobiotic ingredients, kimchi and other food that can make your gut alkaline. Next is my spine health. Many people do not think of their spine until they get a checkup and see what their spine looks like.

After a week of x-rays, analysis, etc. my chiro gave me a list of what to avoid: sugar, and gluten. Accckkk!!! Not bread, my favorite. It turns out, today’s breads contain other stuff that cause inflammation which is what the chiro is trying to avoid in your spine. I can eat rice but in decent portions, of course. Then there are rice noodles, rice cakes or puto (my favorite), suman and biko. But, take note, these should also be healthier rice like heirloom, mountain, and other old varieties of rice. Thank God we stock them at ECHOstore. We carry these heirloom and sustainably-grown old rice varieties because people are conscious of the source of their food. In addition, it is part of Slow Food’s Ark of Taste list. Now, I have another reason to eat it—it’s gluten-free!!!

So for this month, I have to try my new 80/20 diet which has more rice and less or no bread (rice-based at 80% and wheat at 20% or less). Continue the fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, and other natural food. Choose whole food instead of processed food.

Gluten-free choices now are offered in many hotels, cafes, and restaurants. But the best bet is to prepare it at home. If you can eat two meals at home, that would be a good batting average to good health because you can choose your food.  Here are some tips:

  • Use heirloom red, pink, black or violet rice instead of white
  • Eat less bread. If you do, choose artisanal or homemade bread with almond flour, banana flour or potato flour.
  • Eat less processed food
  • Choose fruits in season and eat them fresh.
  • Choose leafy green vegetables to make your system alkaline, not acidic.

Do we want to live to one hundred? No. It’s simply improving our quality of life. No matter when we are taken by the Creator, for the rest of the time we are on this planet, we can be pain-free and disease-free. Use food to be your medicine. It works.

As the saying goes: “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine thy food.”

Adlai is a healthier alternative to rice.

Gluten-free suddenly has new meaning for me. It’s my best anti-inflammatory device. If your spine is inflamed, it causes all your muscles, nerves and bones to go crazy. So, if you are feeling low and feeling pain, maybe it’s what you have been eating. Check to change 80% of what you eat. That should be a good start. Switch bread with heirloom rice or adlai. Choose gluten-free. It may just work wonders for you.



Chiro photo from Wikimedia Commons

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