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December 20, 2018


I just finished browsing the book “Goodbye, Things” which is about detachment from material things. And I think it is a good read for this season. Today, people buy stuff to give away, just because they have to give something. This results in importers getting more shipments into the country of a lot of useless things that will fill our landfills. I saw plastic bouquets, plastic anything that are mass produced, seen once and never to be used.

This Christmas, think of giving something different. Give your time. Though we know our time is finite, this is exactly why it is so precious to give even just minutes of it to friends, family and those whose lives you can change because you spent or invested time in them. That includes our household help, our office staff, our building mates and those people you hardly see because of lack of time.

Here are some ways to give time:

  1. Have a meal with your household help and show them your appreciation for bearing with you throughout the year. This beats yet another lunch or dinner with friends who you see often anyway.
  2. Get to know your officemates. Eat with them and celebrate Christmas with their families.
  3. Find a friend who was recently widowed or who recently lost a loved one. Break bread with them.
  4. Visit a home and talk to the elderly who may not have relatives to visit them.

And be careful what you give as gifts. Will it contribute to our landfills?

If it is food or drink, will it make the receiver healthier? I say food is the best gift because it feeds the body and nourishes body and soul.

The useless are one-time use things which, of course because of the cheap price, will not last and may just be also given away by the receiver.

This Christmas, allow yourself to be different. Give time or money but do not give another wasted product that is made in a manufacturing plant and will just go to the waste bin.

Avoid the discount stores that sell all these “one-time” use things that will never last. Instead, maybe make a little something with your hands and your time.

Let’s save the planet by buying less of what is not necessary. Be green in your gift-giving.

Let’s have a green Christmas.

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