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January 12, 2016

Margarita Forés Named Asia’s Best Female Chef for 2016

Margaux Salcedo, Asia's 50 Best Female Chef 2016, Margarita Fores, Jan12I had been rooting for this moment for so long!

Since I can remember, I have been wanting to see Margarita Forés’ name up there alongside Asian greats and finally the day has come.

Margarita Fores was named Asia’s Best Female Chef for 2016 by the Asia’s 50 Best Restaurant Awards Jury.

Fores succeeds Chef Vicky Lau of Tate Dining Room in Hong Kong, who was Best Female Chef 2015; who succeeded Lanshu Chen of Le Mout Restaurant in Taiwan.

The World’s 50 Best through its Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants page has written a beautiful tribute to Fores on its website, calling her a “gregarious” chef with an “empire” that “extends to 28-year-old catering company Cibo di M, where she has fed the likes of former Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and the King and Queen of Spain”. See full article HERE.

Forés also headlines the much visited

Margaux Salcedo, Asia's 50 Best Female Chef 2016, site, Jan12

Forés―or Gaita as she is fondly called―is so adorable as she receives the announcement that she has been recognized as Asia’s Best Female Chef, saying she feels like Miss Universe!

She changed the Philippine culinary landscape in the 90s by introducing authentic Italian cooking, after returning from Italy. Her restaurant Cibo is now a staple in practically every Philippine mall, the go-to for delicious Italian fare at affordable rates. Her former showroom Pepato was a favorite in the 2000s, commended by visiting chef friend Chef Mario Batali. Forés’ new playground is Lusso in Greenbelt and continues catering for the President of the Philippines for state dinners such as the Inaugural dinner and APEC. She was also one of the forces that, in the words of World’s 50 Best, “gregariously” made Madrid Fusion Manila happen.

Forés will receive her award at the Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2016 ceremony in Bangkok, Thailand, on Monday 29th February.


Photos from Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants and The World’s 50 Best / Video from YouTube

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