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October 18, 2013


tightwireThis man knows. He gropes for titles.
There is need for naming fish and bread
When multiplied upon a mountain.

Such a dark swirl the sky is, red-banded,
Like the crested bird of castanets.
Or a señorita’s skirt. We are under the folds,
Looking up at thin lines of titillation.

This man knows, and groping, proceeds
To place one disdainful fool’s foot
Before the other. He repeats the process.

The dark bowl that is his universe
Assumes the properties of porcelain.
He walks on delicately and there is need
For breath, for breathlessness.

This man knows and stops, leg crossing knee.
In the very middle, where till now hanging
Under pubis of air, he stays.

Hanging. Poised on poisoned fence, essence
Dripping on his head, centered. Were the dancer
To do a cartwheel his figure would show
In the revealed arc as the hanged man. This man knows.

He stays there. He falls. And in his falling
He knows. He knows he is falling.
He is falling. He has fallen.

The cards were stacked to begin with.
How many times he has fallen. How many times
He has known the virtues of falling. How many
Mountains and dancers he has loved while falling.

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