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October 22, 2017


It’s awards season again! It seems just like yesterday when I was saying goodbye to the Oscars and now this year’s Emmys is already over. Time flies so fast! So fast that I didn’t even realize that the Emmys was already 4 weeks ago and I hadn’t written about it yet!

The Emmys, which was hosted by Stephen Colbert this year, was held on Sunday, September 18, and though the ratings were disappointing the outfits were definitely not. I say that not because all the looks were amazing but because I really enjoyed the diversity of all the looks this year. As a loyal follower of this particular awards show, I was happy to see more color and styles this year. As they mentioned during the show, this year’s list of nominees has been the most diverse in Emmy history and that was also evident in their styles.

Here are my favorites…

Renee Bargh
in a mystery dress

First I had to look up who she was then I had to look up who she was wearing. I found out that she’s an Australian celebrity & TV host and is now a correspondent for Extra in the US. She wasn’t at the Emmy’s to attend the show but to cover it and she was dressed for it. I still don’t know who she’s wearing.

Julianne Hough
in Marchesa

This actually reminds me of the dresses her bridesmaids wore to her wedding, which were also designed by Marchesa, because of the floral details and the silhoutte of the dress. This dress is perfect for Jules because it’s sweet but edgy with the cut outs and the contrast of the pink flowers against the black fabric.

Kiernan Shipka
in Miu Miu

I’ve always thought she was adorable but I find her extra adorable in this dress. That dress just looks so light and airy and fun. No wonder she looks so relaxed and confident in it.

Halston Sage
and Zac Posen in Zac Posen

Halston Sage was another name I had to look up. Not familiar with her work but she is an American TV actress and, though she didn’t attend the Emmys this year because of any acting work she had done, she definitely rocked her moment as Zac Posen’s guest.
Zac Posen also looked dapper in his classic black tuxedo.

Emmy Rosum
in Zac Posen

In a sea of styles and color a great looking black dress will always be stunning. Also love the gorgeous emerald accessories.

Evan Rachel Wood
in Jeremy Scott for Moschino

She hasn’t worn a dress to an awards show in so long! This look on her is so predictable and I can’t wait for her to finally change things up a bit but I also can’t deny the impeccable tailoring on this outfit and the fact that she is totally rocking this pantsuit.

Shailene Woodley
in Ralph Lauren

This dress is laid back, relaxed and totally cool just like Shailene. I’ve always liked velvet because the material is just so luxe but green velvet just takes it up a notch.If the rest of the awards season will be just as colorful and interesting then it looks like we have much to look forward to! Till the next awards show!



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