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April 26, 2019


“Teach me about Slow Food,” a friend texts me. It’s quite simple, actually, if one so decides to eat good, clean and fair. Those three words must resonate within you if you want to start eating well and save the planet in the process.

  1. Learn to eat fresh food than processed food. Eat from plants and not from the other kind of (Manufacturing) plants.
  2. Eat what is in season. That ensures the freshness and the best quality to get good fruits, most especially.
  3. Vegetables can now be grown in many media (aquaponics, hydroponics, and aeroponics) but Slow Food prefers good old fashioned soil as a medium.
  4. Get to know the food source, or best, get to know the farmer. This is why weekend markets are key. You get to know the farmer or at least be just two or three steps away from the farmer. Conventional farming takes 8 channels before it gets to your shopping cart.
  5. Preserve what may disappear by eating local fruits and promoting local heirloom fruits, vegetables and other local food like beans, pulses, grains.

Slow Food is a global grassroots movement

The idea about Slow Food and what we advocate promote are many different things which all point to the same mission:

  • Save the Planet
  • Save the Species
  • Save the Farmer

And all that can be achieved simply by being mindful of what we buy and what we eat.

One of the activities lined up each year is happily called World Disco Soup Day. It is celebrated globally on the same date to teach people not to waste food. Avoid food waste by:

  • Making sure we cook all vegetables, good looking and not so good looking or what become “rejects”.
  • Being creative with recipes like what industry calls “market basket” or making do with what ingredients we have in our stores. I remember my mother—when we asked her what was for dinner—she would open the refrigerator and check what she had and create a dish on the spot. Sometimes she would see what’s in the market and prepare a soup or stew depending on what she found available.

That’s the idea about WDSD or World Disco Soup Day 2019. It’s happening at St. Scholastica’s College in Manila on Saturday, April 27 from 4-8pm. It delivers a powerful message to NOT waste food, especially among the youth.

Slow Food Youth Network or SFYN Philippines is headed by Chef Jam Melchor and I am sure you will want to support them simply by coming to the event or by espousing the very values they believe in—simply, let’s not waste FOOD.

Check their Facebook page for more details.




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