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November 1, 2017


Solar Transport and Automotive Resources Corp. (STAR Corp.), the authorized Philippine distributor of Build Your Dreams (BYD) vehicles in the Philippines, marked its fourth anniversary recently with the unveiling of the All-New S1 and the All-New Lithium Ion Phosphate Forklift.

The BYD Auto Co. Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of BYD Co. is one of China’s largest non-government owned auto makers. It has a wide selection of small and medium-sized cars as well as hybrid electric vehicles and all-electric vehicles.

Inspired by the event’s theme, ‘Driving to the Future’, STAR Corp. managing director Mark Andrew Tieng shared, “In the last four years, BYD introduced various technological advances in the automotive industry. In fact, BYD is now the top supplier of electric vehicles in the world, with a market share of 13.2 percent, which is even higher than Tesla’s 9.9 percent. In the Philippines the passenger vehicle market is growing so fast and BYD has its own line-up of vehicles representing them on the road.”

From notes given by STAR Corp., the S1 is the ideal five-seater, petrol-powered sub-compact SUV, that combines comfort, style and agility in a crossover platform.

The BYD S1sports a striking “Rebellious” look, that is complemented by the front plating grille and body-colored exterior door handles and illuminated LED logo.

The S1 comes with Halogen headlamps equipped with height adjustment; auto-responding headlights and DRL (Daytime Running Lights), a high mounted brake and trunk lamp; four-doors lamp; rear fog and rear reversing lamp. Among its other features are the intermittent front wipers; windshield wiper for the back door; rear window defogger; exterior rearview mirror with power folding; electric heating and defroster; and a remote window lifter for the driver’s seat.

For its interiors, the S1 is equipped with a sophisticated barrel type LED dashboard with a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). The S1 has luxury leather seats with several storage compartments for your trinkets. The 6:4 split-folding rear seats give more rear compartment space and seating capacity.

It has an eight-inch touch screen Android Multimedia System equipped with Bluetooth hands-free telephone and audio streaming as well as USB Connectivity and AUX. The steering wheel has integrated controls for sound and call management. The BYD S1 is also equipped with a superior air purification system that cleans the air of dust, pollen, and other impurities.

The BYD S1 is powered by a 1.5-liter engine which is mated to a six-speed automatic transmission with a rated power of 150 HP at 5,200 rpm and maximum torque of 240 N-m for a dynamic and fuel efficient driving performance. It comes with a 17-inch aluminum alloy wheels and rear-mounted spare wheel for more character. Add to it a rear spoiler, single exhaust pipes, decorative parts on the fenders and on the back door, halogen headlights and roof rack to provide its air of adventure and practicality.

With a 5-Star C-NCAP Rating, the S1 has safety features that include Electronic Stability Program or ESP, Electrical Park Brake or EPB, collapsible steering column, HPS(Hydraulic Power Steering), BOS (Brake override system), Hill Descent Control, cruise control and engine electric immobilizer. It has three-point pretension seatbelts in the front row, second row side three-points pretension seatbelts and a center three-point seatbelt, and airbags.

The BYD S1 has an introductory cash price of  Php 999,000 for purchases and reservations until year-end. It also comes with a 5-year warranty and FREE 5-Year PMS Oil Change Program Package, 3-years LTO registration, tint, matting and an Inventel Dash Cam.

For your business needs, the BYD Lithium Ion Phosphate Electric Counterbalanced Forklift is the best GREEN Solution for your consideration. It is powered by BYD’s Lithium Ion Phosphate Battery, the smallest and most powerful battery available in the market that is made of non-toxic materials. Unlike its lead-acid counterparts, it is lead free and does not have any lead acid emissions. It is not only safer for the users but it is also safer for the environment as it does not contaminate land, air or water with emissions.

Tested to withstand the toughest working conditions, the battery does not explode when exposed to fire, when pierced or when improperly charged. It can also work under extreme heat or cold and can take a high amount of pressure. It can regularly charge in as fast as 2 hours that is enough to power the forklift for 8 hours. It is completely maintenance free for the next 4000 cycles, approximately equivalent to 10 years.

The award winning forklift -it received the prestigious International Forklift Truck of the Year (IFOY) Award in 2016- is equipped with safe and efficient features that include automatic speed reduction when cornering, forward tilting and overload protection, braking assist, a battery management system and a multifunction TFT Screen that allows the operator to monitor his travel speed, battery charge and accumulated working hours.  It also has 3 speed settings to suit the operator’s requirements.

If you want to know more about the BYD S1 and the BYD Lithium Ion Phosphate Electric Counterbalanced Forklift, call STAR Corp. at (02) 533-8888 or log on to



Photos by Bess Zamora


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