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February 15, 2019


This coffee town has innovated agri-tourism this coffee harvest season.

Do you have time for a whole day of touring coffee and vegetable farms, or did you want to just swing by a farm and smell and taste fresh coffee flowers and fruits? Then Amadeo, Cavite is the place to be!

This February Amadeo plays host to tourists who want to attend its PAHIMIS FESTIVAL celebrated from February 22-24 at the city center (Parish church grounds) where free-flowing coffee will be available all three days from sponsors like the Philippine Coffee Board Inc.-KAPE ISLA, Olivia’s Estate, Café Amadeo, and many more. Yes, free flowing coffee to perk you up as you also enjoy the different tour stops the town has organized.

For the tour stops, you may start at Nurture Wellness Village in Bgy. Talon. Nurture has The Farmacy where one can enjoy touring the vegetable gardens while learning how “food can be thy medicine and medicine thy food.” They also have a demo of coffee roasting as well as cultural displays and demos even children will enjoy. The Farmacy is Tour Stop No. 1

Tour Stop No. 2 can be Café Amadeo. Suman with coco sugar and freshly-brewed coffee is the favorite snack in this model of a cooperative which sells the famous brand Café Amadeo.

Another Tour Stop is ECHOfarms. If you are pressed for time, pass by this pilot farm for fresh herbs, lettuce and even popular vegetables like Bokchoy and Pechay. It’s along the highway across YMZ Café.

The Philippine Coffee Board Inc (PCBI) Nursery and Tech Center is in Bgy. Maymangga, overlooking the Silang River. It’s a good bike ride from the other stops but cars and SUVs are also welcome. Here, you can see how BARAKO coffee is harvested and how coffee starts with a little seedling.

There are coffee farms like Mang Oben’s farm in Maymangga which are open for tourists who want to pick ripe coffee fruits. The Amadeo Tourism team has prepared a list of Open Farms where even children can come and pick coffee, and bring home a souvenir coffee pack to relive the experience back home.

As of press time, more coffee farms are being cleared, cleaned and being opened to the public.

You may start at any “Tour Stop” and end where time and interest allows you. This is the first time that the local government, private sector, NGOs and even established businesses have joined hands to give tourists a learning tour, a pleasure tour and most of all a tour with a purpose—to bring back Cavite Coffee to the forefront and make farmers plant coffee again!

It is also a good example for agri-tourism and farm tourism. Already, many investors and coffee aficionados have visited Amadeo to adopt farms, lease farms and even buy farms to carry on the tradition of coffee and vegetable farming in this cool destination, just right beside Tagaytay and Silang which are along the national highway.

This time, make it Amadeo. It’s a quiet coffee capital that will now be known as a tourist destination for coffee lovers as well as health and fitness buffs.

A minimal fee of P100/person may be charged at most stops.


How to go to Amadeo: Take Aguinaldo Highway towards Tagaytay and choose your entry point to Amadeo via various points: Bgy. Litlit takes you to ECHOfarms; Bgy. Maitim takes you to Café Amadeo, and Bgy. Buho takes you to Nurture’s The Farmacy. You can also find the stops on Waze.




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