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September 13, 2017


Imagine a Ferrari 488 Spider highlighting your anniversary celebration and the first place winner for the fifth round of the Ferrari Challenge Asia-Pacific (APAC) in Sepang, Malaysia. Precisely, that’s what Chairman and President of Autostrada Motore Wellington Soong prepared during the 5th Anniversary celebrations. Autostrada Motore is the official dealer of Ferrari in the Philippines.

“We opened our doors to the public in 2012, and we’ve been bringing one of the best, most powerful, and most recognized car brands to the Philippines ever since,” shared Soong. “Having delivered five years of the highest quality of customer service to our clients, our commitment to uphold this standard for the next 5, 10, 15 years has only gotten stronger,” he added.

One of Ferrari’s latest models and most powerful mid-rear-engined V8 car, the 488 Spider, features the patented retractable hard top that ensures lower weight (-25 kg) and better cockpit comfort compared to the classic fabric soft-top along with the highest level of technological innovation and cutting-edge design. If you enjoy open-air motoring pleasure in a high-performance sports car that delivers top-notch performance, then the 488 Spider is your best bet.

From the notes shared by Autostrada Motore, under the engine cover of Spider 488 throbs the 3902 cc turbo-charged V8 with a maximum power output of 670 CV. Combined with maximum torque of 760 Nm at 6750 rpm which sends the 488 Spider sprinting from 0 to 100 km/h in 3 seconds flat and from 0 to 200 km/h in 8.7 seconds. This engne is not only 100 CV more powerful than the previous naturally-aspirated V8 but also has lower CO2 emissions.

In line with Ferrari tradition, it has its own absolutely distinctive soundtrack created using solutions such as exhaust headers with longer, equal-length piping and a flat-plane crankshaft and further enhanced by an in-depth study of harmonics and tonality at different engine speeds.

The Ferrari 488 Spider is also the most aerodynamically efficient by introducing several innovative devices, including a blown spoiler and an aerodynamic underbody incorporating vortex generators.

Open-top driving, direct and unobscured engine sound, in-car comfort, coupled with the new generation Dual-clutch transmission, the 488 Spider delivers the most powerful performance on the sports spider market in terms of acceleration and pick-up. New generation dynamics and aerodynamics also mean that performance is instantly available and enjoyable on the road to even less expert drivers whether on the straight or over mixed routes.

The car’s design was adapted to efficiently meet the typical demands of open-top driving and use. In fact, the Spider’s dynamic behavior is effortless on even the most challenging routes. It is remarkably easy to drive on the limit thanks to flawless handling even on the most demanding of roads.

(From left): Wellington Soong, Angie King (1st place in Ferrari Challenge APAC in Sepang, Malaysia), and Marc Soong (Executive Director, Autostrada Motore, Inc.)

To complete the 5th anniversary celebration of Autostrada Motore, Angie King, shared her experience to a successful podium finish at Fuji Speedway and her winning top honors for the fifth round of the Ferrari Challenge APAC in Sepang, Malaysia. At the end of 5 rounds of the Ferrari Challenge APAC, King is placed 4th overall in the Trofeo Pirelli AM Class, despite entering the Challenge only by the 4th round in Fuji. King has to beat Yanbing Xing of China in third, Ken Seto of Japan in second, and Tiger Wu of Taiwan in first place to bag the overall championship of the Ferrari Challenge APAC.

The Challenge heads to Singapore for the penultimate round. King will continue to bear the Philippine flag and her participation and eventual success in the Challenge is an important milestone for recognizing Filipino talent in the world of racing, thanks to Autostrada Motore and Ferrari.



Photos by Bess Zamora


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