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January 9, 2018


Last year, day after day we read the news on how our soldiers would risk life and limb to free Marawi from the clutches of ISIS-linked terrorists. The fear of being blacklisted as a terrorist stronghold loomed on the horizon when that ISIS flag was raised. These soldiers, all 157 of them, died to keep us free from terrorists. Soldiers who left their families and fought for the love of their country.

What carries more weight? The cause of an anonymous blogger who was inconveniently outed due to bumbling, basic webmaster skills, whose fame hardly crossed over the borders of Facebook, or the young soldiers who sacrificed their lives so that peace and order may return to Marawi? Soldiers who, because of their selflessness, thousands of Marawi families have returned home, safe. What has far-reaching consequences – fighting online battles against fake news or fighting real battles with drug-crazed terrorists in the field, that has displaced a hundred thousand citizens?

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