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May 1, 2019


Kapihan sa Manila Bay

Hosted by Marichu Villanueva, Columnist & Editor of the Philippine Star
Cafe Adriatico, Remedios Circle, Malate, Manila
May 1, 2019
9:30 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.


Alan Tanjusay, spokesman ALU-TUCP
Henry Lim, FFCCII president
George Siy, trade representative FFCCII

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(Editor’s note: The starting time may change due to scheduling constraints.)



  • We have 4.5Million ha. of riceland nationwide and only 1.5 Million are irrigated. Compare this to Thailand na 10M ha. that’s completely irrigated. We are not efficiently using our farmlands.
  • We have a lot of bills and laws on labor. A lot of policies and regulations – the question is, are the businessmen implementing this? How many comply?
  • We have to be aware and prepare of robotization of labor. [AI]
  • Kapag mataas suweldo ng employees, tataas ang cost ng bilihin. Who’s going to suffer? We need to strike a balance. We will leave it to the tripartite to determine.
  • One study shows that once a worker is regularized, efficiency drops by 30%.
  • On the Chinese foodpark in Las Piñas: They’re not against the presence of the mainlanders because it improved their service and business. It was the Chinese mainlanders that suggested and taught authentic Chinese food. There was a misunderstanding that they do allow Filipinos. They’re accepting Filipino customers.
  • Influx of illegal Chinese workers: News against Chinese people affects us Chinoy. It’s like a child having 2 fathers. One is the original father [China] and the foster father [Philippines]. We do not know the exact figures of Chinese labors. We do not think that they’re taking jobs of the Filipinos. Majority of these Chinese laborers are working in the online gambling industry. The language is important because the market is China.
  • Mas mataas pa rin ang suweldo ng Chinese sa China compared to Filipinos locally. Our advantage is still our own population wherein our average age is 23 years old compared to other asian countries na tumatanda [China and Japan].
  • When small companies indicate that they can’t afford the wage, they file it sa wage board to ask for an exemption. It is the DOLE that decides and grants the exemption. It happens. That’s why the usual workaround would be if you can’t increase the wage then increase the number of regular workers.
  • ENDO issue: We have lean season too in production, it isn’t limited to agri jobs.

Credits to: Kapihan sa Manila Bay by Marichu Villanueva

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