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January 10, 2018


Kapihan sa Manila Bay

Hosted by Marichu Villanueva, Columnist & Editor of the Philippine Star
Cafe Adriatico, Remedios Circle, Malate, Manila
January 10, 2018
9:30 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.


Former Senator Bongbong Marcos



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  • BBM: There has been decisions by Justice Caguioa that has been unfair and unjust. It started when he asked us to pay 36M by Good Friday last year. But we were able to comply. Yet Leni Robredo, was allowed to defer payment twice.
  • We paid 7M for the ballot images. When the papers were being processed, the camp of Leni Robredo is asking for a soft copy. Her camp was against it. The Justice said that they be given a copy, without even paying.
  • We came up with 8,000 witnesses in 5 days as Caguioa requested. Yet they were deferred. That means it will be taken up after the counting.
  • Seems like the same rules do not apply to the other side. Decisions take years on my end compared to decisions given to the Robredo camp.
  • The ballot boxes have been waiting to be shipped to Manila for six months already. Bayad na lahat yun. The logistical costs of bringing those ballots [66M] have already been paid.
  • The most significant factors of the areas considered is that the undervotes are very, very high. Statistically, a 1% margin of undervote is normal. It happens. Those who have examined electoral electronic system, 1% is an acceptable undervote. 5% is suspicious. 10% means it has been tampered. There are cases here where the undervote is 30-70%.
  • We have proof that election didn’t happen in 3 areas of the ARMM.
  • I am not running for senator for 2019 because I know I have been cheated. I will not stop until the truth comes out.
  • What is at stake here is not just who won but the electoral process. It is fundamental that these kinds of questions are clarified.
  • I am determined to finish this protest. Di ko titigilan ito until the truth comes out.
  • You can say that the justices are favoring me, because all signs are pointing the other way – they are favoring my opponent.
  • I visited Marawi last December 4 in order to build schools. So far there are 3 school buildings that will be built. We’re bringing more. This is a private fund in coordination with civic organizations.
  • I wanted to visit the soldiers because some of them were my friends. In fact some came from Ilocos.
  • Regarding the BBL – there are structural problems that need to be attended to if we shift towards Federalism.
  • I’m always ready to provide unsolicited advise [to the president]. It’s different when you’re in gov’t vs. when you’re not in government.
  • It is not the function of the Philippine court to be the collection agency of an American court.
  • The family’s position on the “ill gotten wealth”: We are willing to sign a quit claim on the money, assets, properties that they say belong to the Marcoses, it means we quit our claim. We are open to settling this and always wanted to settle this. We have been pushing this since 1986.
  • I believe that the sentiment against the Marcos is no longer an problem. I won in the national elections. We have moved on to other issues.
  • It is important to me that this electoral process issue must be resolved. I haven’t given thought to running for presidency in 2022.

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