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October 4, 2016

Kapihan:DOLE Sec Bello and CLA Atty. Panelo on DU30’s stand on EDCA, Contractualization

Kapihan sa Manila Bay

Hosted by Marichu Villanueva, Columnist & Editor of the Philippine Star
Cafe Adriatico, Remedios Circle, Malate, Manila
October 5, 2016
9:30 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.


Chief Legal Adviser Atty. Sal Panelo


EDCA and Labor Contractualization


  • Atty Panelo: On ENDO – it was a promise made during the presidential campaign. There are tax incentives given to companies who will follow it. The Finance Sec will draft the incentives.
  • We have to pass a law that supports wire tapping for suspected criminals.
  • The trust rating ng president is now up to 97% from 91%. He has accomplished more in 100 days than what the three past presidents combined.
  • On the FOI – Government transactions and contracts: The executive office is open.
  • Campaign against drugs: if you succeed in that, foreign investments come in because people feel safe.
  • Elimination of bureaucracy: It is happening right now, things are happening
  • Just give us names of those who are involved in corruption and we will act on it, you don’t have to put your name [for security]. Write me a formal letter and we will act on it.
  • Prices of shabu shot up because supply has been limited.
  • EDCA was signed and authorized. It will last for 10 years unless terminated by either party through diplomatic channels.
  • EDCA: Panelo pointed out the discrimination in our own land where American forces are treated better than Filipino soldiers.
  • The president has more important things to do than file libel against people who criticize him. In the internet, what’s the worst thing they can do? A person who has ill intent will just do it and not threaten people about it.
  • DOLE Sec Bello: Our government was not implementing the agreements that were discussed before.
  • Sec Bello: All you have to do is impose the law. Observe labor standards. Contractualization however is still allowed under certain circumstances.
  • DU30’s First 100 days: The president focused on the OFWs. There were 11,000 OFWs stranded in Saudi. They’ve been there for a year. Right now 4,000 has been repatriated. The king offered to defray expenses of all 11,000 to return to the Philippines. He ordered the employers to pay these OFWs and also find jobs for those who are still there. Penalties were waived by the king.
  • Application for foreign employment – daming requirements from 12 agencies. It will take you months. The president created a one-stop-shop in Manila and in the different regions [Clark, Puerto Princesa etc]. To compliment that, the president has a policy – when a paper reaches your office, it has to be acted upon in 3 days.
  • Jomar Sison is listed as a terrorist. The moment he leaves his place, he will be arrested.
  • What is important to business is to make money. If the atmosphere is conducive, they will continue with the business and not pull out. Corruption is being addressed, bureaucracy is being eliminated. That is important.


Kapihan sa Manila Bay

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