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July 28, 2019


Isang malaking pag titipon ang ginanap sa Pilipinas kamakailan na dinaluhan ng iba’t ibang mga Bansa sa Asia Pacific. Mahigit 300 Delegates ang dumalo, kasa na rito ang North Korea o Democratic People’s Republic of Korea-DPRK at South Korea na dating magka away, ngayon ay magkaibigan na.

Nais kong ibahagi sa inyo ang aking naging “Welcome Speech” sa pagtitipon na tinawag na International Conference for “PEACE and PROSPERITY OF ASIA-PACIFIC,” na ginanap sa Conrad Hotel Manila noong Biyernes, July 26, 2019.

REY LANGIT: We have been in the so-called DMZ or Demilitarized Zone, guarded by countless soldiers and landmines ranged along the 248km stretched.

About 7 million visitors come every year to see through binoculars how the other side of Korea looks like. Through the infiltration tunnels, photographs are taken in front of the war-time monuments and relics. To feel the atmosphere of DMZ as a place of war and tension.

November 13, 2018

During International Conference for “PEACE and PROSPERITY OF ASIA-PACIFIC,” in Seoul South Korea, participated in by Asian countries my name, REY LANGIT was called upon by Chairman Bu So An to come on the stage, to witness the covenant of North and South Korea in that very Momentous and Significant event of the Year.
I cannot believe it myself witnessing the historical binding agreement between the two Countries with the longest conflict in history.

US President Trump on a Sunday-only last month June 2019 became the first American commander in chief to set foot in the North side of Korea and met Kim Jong-un, the country’s leader.

This is the same place former US President Bill Clinton used to call, “the scariest place on earth.“

July 26, 2019, that’s today, in the Philippines another Historical Event! For the 1st time, let’s welcome the Delegation of the “Democratic People’s Republic of Korea,” headed by Vice Chairman Ri Jong Hyuk of Asia Pacific Exchange Association of North Korea.

I wish to acknowledge the initiative of South Korean Organizer and delegates, the team of Asia-Pacific “Peace And Prosperity” led by Chairman Bu So An. H.E. Gerard Ho Wei Hong, Singapore Ambassador.

Our very own and my good friend, Hon. Silvestre “Bebot” Bello III Secretary of Labor and Chairman of Philippine Peace Panel. Major General Antonio Parlade Jr., Deputy Chief of Staff Civil-Military Operations, AFP. Mr. Rolando Lakay Gonzalo, President of National Press Club-NPC. My Korean brother, Chairman James Lee, who worked very hard to make this event a success. CEO of HIP-TV INC. my co-host in our Television show, my colleague in the Industry, my Kasangga, my son, JR Langit. KBP Metro Manila Chapter members.

Other dignitaries, Government officials, Delegates and representatives of different Countries. Our colleagues in international media, print & broadcast journalist, and social media.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I was part of the 1st batch, 1st generation of Radyo Patrol of the Broadcast Network called ABS-CBN. As a field Reporter i saw, i witness and reported “On the Air” the bloodshed during 1st quarter storm. Witnessing the bloody “August 1971 Plaza Miranda bombing during Political Rally” with several casualties. I became a hostage victim myself during the media coverage in the Province of Tarlac by the insurgents.

“I have been searching for peace, since then.”

Before martial law was declared in the Philippines in 1972, as a journalist we feared the suspension of the “privilege of the writ of habeas corpus” served as grounds for the authorities to target journalists. Seemed like a crackdown on journalists, which prompted many to go into hiding.

“I been searching for peace in my career.”

Our Station then was shut down, it was next to impossible for us to look for work. Everywhere we felt our movements are restricted and like many others during that time, our human rights were clearly violated.

“I said to myself, where is peace?”

I was instrumental in giving solutions to conflicts Highlights of my colorful career that became landmark in the Philippine Broadcasting history.

I was part in initiating solution and dialogue to the 3 day Makati Siege. The military stand-off, the dialogue bet. two groups, the Philippine Government and the Rebel Soldiers became possible and happened through my “On The Air” radio broadcast over DZRH. Followed by the historical Back To The Barracks!

“But still hoping for real peace to happen.”

In Santo Tomas, Batangas a near by Province, i was with Government officials namelyJoseph “Erap” Estrada, was then the Vice President of the Philippines and Senator Ping Lacson was then head of PAOCTF. We were to exhume the body of another Government Official, a BIR Director, Director Matic, a kidnap victim, who was Killed and buried in the same place. We were fired upon with Grenade Launchers by the group of Ka- Hector Mabilangan, head of the New Peoples Army, of the Southern Command, some of us were wonded.

“I was chasing peace all my life.”

In three different occasions the name Rey Langit was requested to help negotiate in an incident of “Hostage Taking.” All the incidents turn out to be a success. No bloodshed and ended up in the surrender of the hostage takers.

“It was peace, but prosperity was still missing.”

On August 1983, a Senator of the Philippines, Senator Benigno Aquino was assassinated minutes after his arrival at the Airport. I got the exclusive live Radio coverage of the whole Event. We gave the listeners real-time account of one of the most historically significant days in modern Philippine history.

I was asking myself, why on a broad day light, on a Sunday, a prominent Senator will be killed in Public.

“Where is peace?”

I attained phenomenal success in my broadcasting career, i have shown a steady and quiet dedication in seeing the needs of people, who are left unheard and whose interests lay forgotten.

I have work tirelessly to raise awareness to relevant issues and sensitivity to the subjects of the News Stories, all in the name of professionalizing and maintaining the excellent standards of the Philippine media industry.

Mid 70’s Filipino People heard my voice saying “Ito ang Palatuntunang walang kinatatakutan, sapagkat ang pangngahas nito ay kapangyarihan na nagmumula sa mamamayan, People Power!”

In English, “We fear nothing and we fear no one, because this program gathers its strength from the people and this is, “People Power!”

Year 86’ People Power became the word in every corner, people marched on the streets shouting People Power!

People Power spread like wildfire, all over the country and all over the world. People Power that changed the Philippine Government in 86’ was the same People Power that ousted Slobadan Milosevic of Yugoslavia. People Power changed the course of history for Nepal, Myanmar, Romania, Czech Republic, Germany, Egypt, including South Korea. And the rest is history!

My contribution to national and global history is the legacy of People Power!!!

Only this year, the unusual recognition & unusual Title was handed to me as the “Living Legend of Philippine Radio.” Awarded during the United Nations World Radio Day given at the Senate of the Philippine, February 2019.


“To replace the old paradigm of war with a new paradigm of waging peace. We, the People present here. You, the Delegates of this conference are the Warriors For Peace. You are super special because you can push the boundaries of human understanding!”

I am very proud to be part of this group and this event. For the no let-up battle for peace and continuing effort in bringing this peace not only in your doorsteps, not only in your home country, but Peace And Prosperity in the Asia Pacific Nations.

Congratulations & Welcome!!!

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