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October 6, 2014


Pusle Asia Survey Binay drop manny pangilinan to run


Three out of 5 Filipinos do not want to amend the Philippine Constitution at this point in time.

According to the survey, 62% of Filipinos do not want President Benigno S. Aquino III to serve after his term ends in 2016. The numbers are bigger if broken in Metro Manila and Luzon when down: 67% in Metro Manila and 71% from the entire Luzon do not agree to PNoy running for president again. Meanwhile 52 % from Mindanao and 50 % from the Visayas disagree with another PNoy term.

The Constitution presently only allows one term for the president.

On Charter Change alone, thirty-two percent do not ever want to amend the Constitution while 30% are willing to amend the Constitution in the future.

This was the result in the latest Pulse Asia Survey conducted from September 8 to 15 of this year. The survey was conducted among 1,200 Filipinos who are old enough to vote (18 years old and above) with 63% from Class ABC, 61% from Class D and 65% from Class E; and a +/- 3% margin error and 95% confidence level.


I spoke with Dr. Ana Maria Tabunda, Executive Director of Pulse Asia on my program Kasangga Mo Ang Langit on DWIZ 882Khz and learned the following:

  1. The Senate investigations affected the ratings of VP Jejomar Binay because the survey was taken after the senate hearings had begun.
  2. Those who were not included in their list of presidentiables are not counted because survey-takers were given a list of possible presidential candidates. The list was made the way COMELEC presents their list, i.e. alphabetical. The rest who are not mentioned are just compiled.


Pulse Asia admitted that Manny Pangilinan’s name was included in the survey. Tabunda said that his name was floated because he is a possible running mate of VP Binay,although his awareness rating is still low. However, he said that he is not running so Pulse Asia will probably no longer include his name in the future.


Binay still leads the race, although his percentage lead dropped, Tabunda confirmed. That is a big drop though.

Tabunda also confirmed that the ratings of the senator who has been investigating Binay did not increase but even dropped. “Kung titignan po yung datos ng isang senador parang hindi nakinabang kasi bumaba. Although hindi naman statistically significant, bumaba ng apat na puntos yung voters preference niya (If you look at the data of the senator (who has been investigating Binay), you will see that he did not benefit because his ratings went down. Although it is not statistically significant, voter preference for him still went down 4 points),” Tabunga said.

Clearly, the politicians who have initiated investigation in the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee have not gained anything politically from their moves. Perhaps the masses have had enough of dirty politics.

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