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October 13, 2014

Jihadist Terrorist Group

Jihadist terrorist groups are part of the Global Jihadist Movement. These are normally connected to Al-Qaeda because they were partly formed because of the way they idolize the group. These groups use religion as their instrument of recruitment and frequently use the words Jihad, Fatwa, and Shariah. These words are all culled from their Islamic Law. They believe wholeheartedly that Islam is the answer to the problems of every Muslim. As a tool for their mass mobilization, they use the Q’uranic “Divine Command Ethics.” Their actions are known all throughout the Middle East and even more so with Muslims.

We were able to talk to Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Chief of Staff General Gregorio Catapang on the morning edition of IZ Balita Nationwide on DWIZ 882Khz regarding the threat of entry into the country by these groups.



At present, General Catapang has yet to confirm if a Jihadist group has made its way into the country. His impending trip to Lanao del Sur is meant to do just that. “We are currently verifying if there is cause for alarm. If there is, we will do all they we can to contain the threat. If not, then we will tell our countrymen so that they will have no cause to worry,” he said.

The general also told us that he is beefing up on the history of the Sunni and Shi’ite conflict due to fears of the same terror making its way to the Philippines. As far as he knows, the failed attempt by the Jemaah Islamiyah to build a caliphate in the country is slightly similar in nature. “We have isolated Zambasuta-Zamboanga, Basilan, Tawi Tawi and Sulu. But for now, after Lanao del Sur, I will be heading to Zamboanga and Sulu to attend to the matter of the German national kidnapping. We have a deadline to keep so that is our foremost concern now,” he said.

In this light, Gen. Catapang called on every Filipino to be vigilant given that the AFP cannot solve every security problem that the country might face. “Given the global nature of our world now, we need everyone to act to address the problem. As they say, the pain of the smallest toe is the pain of the whole body,” he said.


I asked the general about the name Humam Abdul Najib who is being connected to the Black Flag Movement in Mindanao. This was the group allegedly responsible for killing the American Michael Allan Turner in Cagayan de Oro City last 2013. He said that he was not aware of the name at the moment but he will look into the matter. “Give me until Friday or Saturday to do my research. You may call me so that I can brief you about what I have uncovered then and about my trip to Lanao,” he said.

“I am hoping that these news are not true, given the excitement of our Muslim brothers and sisters for the Bangsamoro Basic Law. It will give them the chance to decide on social, cultural, and economic matters in their area for themselves. We need this so that there will be peace in Mindanao,” he added.


It is disconcerting to face the reality of what destruction may await us if the terrorists of this world prevail, given their predilection for global and radical extremism. Now, the global climate talk is veering towards change leading to super typhoons. Global maritime issues are now centered on the West Philippine Sea row. Transnational crime is becoming an arena of narco-politics, smuggling, human trafficking and cybercrimes. We can only hope that weapons of mass destruction will not be added to this already toxic mix.

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