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May 5, 2016

How Can I Report An Error in My Voter’s Receipt?

The 2016 national elections is four days away. The voting will still be automated following the format of the 2013 elections. The new addition this year is the Voter’s Receipt. In our previous post, we discussed what the Voter’s Receipt is. But what if you spot an error in the way your vote was registered and printed in the receipt? Don’t panic. Here is the step-by-step guide on what to do should this happen:

  1. Before even voting, take note of your ballot ID number. This is found at the upper right hand corner of your ballot. Remember this number as this is vital in the complaint process.
  2.  Make sure that you completely shade the oval corresponding to the candidate you are voting for.
  3. Feed your ballot into the VCM scanner and wait for your receipt to be printed. Make sure you check your receipt for any errors. Errors include:
    • Your vote was counted for the wrong candidate
    • Your vote was registered as an over vote for your chosen candidate
  4. If you find an error in the way your vote was registered, write your ballot ID number on the back of the receipt. This way, Comelec can match your receipt with your actual ballot to check the validity of your complaint.
  5. If your receipt shows no errors, deposit it in the black box receptacle found in your precinct. Do this before exiting as it is illegal to bring home your voter’s receipt.

Image 6

If you have any questions during the election day, do not hesitate to ask the election officer in your precinct. Remember, your vote is sacred so use it wisely. Go out and vote!

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