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April 30, 2016

Godspeed. Hail to the Chief.

I mourn Chief Justice Renato Corona’s passing. My heart aches for a man whose entire life was devoted to service to his countrymen, and whose sudden demise inevitably underscores the viciousness, cruelty, injustice, and political persecution that is the new norm in this country.

CJ Corona did not tread the yellow, straight and narrow path demanded of him. He stood for the Constitution in declaring unconstitutional the questionable Truth Commission that had no regard for due process and equal protection. He stood for farmers and social justice with the Hacienda Luisita decision.

He was ultimately impeached for alleged culpable violation of the Constitution in failing to declare certain assets in his SALN. But we all know the real reasons behind the charade of the impeachment trial that has since been tainted with allegations of bribery and Executive intrusion.

Meanwhile, even after not one but two Supreme Court decisions declaring both the PDAF and DAP unconstitutional, we have a President who remains unimpeached, unmindful of the sanctity of the Constitution, unperturbed by the plight of millions. Neither he nor his anointed successor could be bothered to account for their faults or for our country’s woes really. How could they be? They are not accountable because, by their own definition, they are decent, they are upstanding, they are not corrupt, and they are beyond reproach.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the new norm that now pervades everyday life in this country. In the guise of all that is right and good, they threaten you, demonize you, destroy your name and record in the court of public opinion, suspend you, impeach you, file a myriad of cases against you, slap you with the strong arm of government, shame you, and maim you into submission until you bow down and kowtow to the yellow gods who have anointed themselves holier than thou, sacred keepers of the path straight and narrow, and the only ones deserving of the right to lead this country. Dare resist and it spells your literal and figurative death. Dare raise your fist and you are labeled a leftist revolutionary, an irrational disruptor incapable of rational or intelligent thought.

I remember meeting CJ Corona months before the impeachment, which spelled for him, and for our country, the beginning of the end of any fervent hope of justice ever prevailing in the sea of yellow that suffocates it with its sanctimonious righteousness.

He spoke to me with such kindness. And dignity. May history be kind to him, too. And may our People honor him for his service.

Godspeed. Hail to the Chief.
God bless the Philippines.


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