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September 20, 2018


There was a story of a manager who asked, “why should we invest in people? What happens if we perfect their skills and leave us?” The CEO of that company turned to the manager and replied, “what happens if we don’t, and they stay?” In a way, that summed up what has been happening to our local athletes.

There’s no question that the Philippines has the talent pool for great athletes. However, the cost of training, equipment, and traveling can be expensive, especially for international competitions. Add to that the cost of staying fit and healthy enough to compete. In fact, in one event, our athletes were given a blood test and the results indicated that they were all malnourished a day before the competition. During another event, on a different group of local athletes, the test results indicated that they were dehydrated. What does that say about how the kind of support our athletes receive?

The Philippine Olympic Committee has been riddled with intrigue, issues of mismanagement, and controversy. Former Ilocos Sur Gov. and sportsman Luis “Chavit” Singson was correct, it’s time the leaders set aside politics. He kept repeating that we need to cooperate and focus on supporting the athletes.

After all, you build a country when you take care of its people.

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