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July 11, 2017


During our show “Kasangga Mo Ang Langit”, we interviewed Dexter Carlos. He is the father and the remaining survivor of the massacre, wherein 5 members of his family was slain in San Jose del Monte, Bulacan. According to police reports, his wife had 45 stab wounds, the blind mother-in-law had 32 stab wounds. His 3 children, ages one, seven and eleven were also murdered in cold blood.

Dexter’s grief was palpable as he answered questions regarding the death of his family. He described the anguish as he saw the wounds on the bodies of his wife and mother-in-law, detailing SOCO reports that his wife could have been raped as well.

Dexter also narrated how the prime suspect, a jobless, nobody named Carmelino Ibañez would linger around the neighborhood, watching his wife. In fact the killer himself was a neighbor.

It was when Dexter came home from his shift as a security guard, that he noticed something amiss. He checked the windows and that was when he saw the gruesome sight of his in-law bathed in blood. As he entered the house, he came across the bloody body of his wife before he collapsed screaming, consumed with heartbreak, realizing that his entire family was gone.

It was also during the burial that he broke down, asking his family’s forgiveness for not being there during their time of need. For not being able to protect them when they needed him most. For now, he wishes to seek justice for the deaths of his family.

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